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Mobile marketing report

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing For Small BusinessHow Mobile Marketing Can Increase Your Profits And Benefit Your Small Business Overall
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONMobile marketing is exciting! Really! It gets me out of bed in the morning and has done foryears simply because of the dramatic effect it can have on businesses regardless of their size.I started SendViaText with a very simple goal, to bring mobile marketing to ‘the little guys’ – thelocal businesses that could have a life changing effect from the benefits of mobile marketing.In this report you will find the reasons why bringing your marketing strategies into the mobileworld can enable you to have a wider reach and raise awareness of your brand.You will also discover the various aspects of mobile marketing, how they are used and whichare best suited for a small business or for an entrepreneur who is still learning the ropes in thismarketing strategy.So read on and find out how mobile marketing can ultimately benefit you and enhance othermarketing strategies you are already using.CHAPTER 1 | WHY MOBILE ADVERTISING?Most business owners have now caught up with the times and recognized the importance ofhaving an online presence. If you’re one of these savvy entrepreneurs then most likely youalready have a website set up for your business.However if you want a solid online presence, then you need to do things the right way.Setting up a website is not enough to make an impressive mark in the virtual world we all knowas the ubiquitous Internet.You need something more, something that can enable you to have a wider reach and be incontact with more people.You need to have a mobile-friendly version of your website.You might have already heard or read from various sources that you need to adopt mobilemarketing but you might still be wondering why. Why is it such a big deal for you as a businessowner? Why should you go to the trouble of having another website set up when you alreadyhave a regular one?Why indeed… Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 2
  3. 3. Mobile Marketing Can Increase Your Profits And Benefit Your Business Overall.According to a survey, 3.84% of small businesses that use mobile marketing seeincrease in their business activity. Five hundred (500) small business owners were surveyed and70 of them employ mobile marketing strategies. Of these 70 small businesses, 84% indicatedthat they’ve seen an increase in their new business activity caused by their efforts in mobilemarketing.This survey result is already a good reason to integrate mobile marketing into your business’smarketing efforts.Another reason is the fact that the global use of mobile phones is on a steady increase. In theUnited States alone, there are about 234 million Americans who own mobile phones and morethan 80 million of them are using Smartphones. This number is still expected to increasebecause of the fast way mobile technology turns over and the costs of these gadgets are gettingcheaper.Mobile technology is steadily becoming simpler meaning that more people are finding it easyand comfortable to use Smartphones. Users of this device now range from 18 and below to 65and above age groups. The result: consumers are becoming more open to mobile commerceand more willing to act on offers from mobile ads.So as you can see, a greater percentage of the businesses that have used mobile marketing sawincrease in their business activity and the number of mobile phone users, particularly users ofSmartphones, are continuously increasing.If you need more reasons why you should adopt mobile marketing for your business, take alook at the result of a study conducted by Google [1]:  As Smartphone ownership rises, more and more people are also accessing the web though their mobile phones.  Consumers constantly use their Smartphones while browsing online at home, at work, on the go, while in a store and everywhere else.  Consumers turn to their Smartphones to search for local information then they take action.  After looking for local information, 1 in 5 users make a purchase.  At least 50% of mobile shoppers buy monthly on their Smartphones.  Smartphones tend to influence the purchase decisions of consumers. Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 3
  4. 4.  Research done through a Smartphone tends to lead to a purchase either online or in- store.This Google study result shows that people like the convenience mobile phones offer and theyare rapidly adapting to the mobile marketplace.Smartphones have practically become consumers’ primary shopping companions. Smartphoneusers tend to go online to read the reviews before buying a product they are considering.Statistics show that 54% of women and 67% of men stated that they would rather consult theirmobile phone than ask a salesperson for assistance when at a store.Smartphones are convenient for comparing prices, searching for product information andfinding a local retailer, this is according to 79% of Smartphone users.Take a look at the table below to get an idea of typical mobile user behavior when in thestore[2]: In-store Smartphone User Behaviour 33% Take pictures 32% Compare prices 27% Read product reviews online 26% Scan a barcode 23% Look for coupons or use a coupon 20% Use the store app 11% Purchase and pay at the registerAs you can see, the least percentage is of those who make in-store purchases. If it’s your store,you can increase your sales by offering coupons.Since consumers tend to compare prices in search of a better deal, making your businessavailable in mobile searches can increase the chance that your product gets appraised. When aconsumer likes what you offer, she’ll likely make her purchase from you. Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 4
  5. 5. CHAPTER 2 | WHAT IS MOBILE MARKETINGAfter the ‘WHY’, now we go to the ‘WHAT’.What exactly is mobile marketing?By definition, mobile marketing is communicating with your consumers using a mobile deviceto do any or all of the following:  Send a simple marketing message  Introduce consumers to a new audience participation-based campaign  Allow consumers to visit your mobile websiteMobile marketing is many-faceted but far from making it a complicated marketing avenue, it isactually one of the best ways to merge various marketing strategies. We will talk more aboutthis later.The Aspects Of Mobile Marketing  SMS/MMSSMS stands for Short Message Service and it’s also commonly referred to as Text Messaging.It’s text only and lets you send messages that are no more than 160 characters.MMS on the other hand stands for Multimedia Message Service which can include audio, video,and pictures and up to 1000 characters of text.SMS have a higher open rate than emails. In fact, recipients open 95% of text messages within5 minutes of receiving them. Compare that to emails that only have an open-rate of just 5%.This is a huge indicator of trust, SMS recipients tend to trust their senders because the SPAMrate for text messages is below 10%. In other words, out of 10 text messages, only 1 isconsidered unsolicited.As a business owner, you can use SMS marketing in 2 ways: 1. Direct marketing where you send a text message directly to yourmobile subscriber list, making compelling offers to drive them to purchase. 2. Used to enhance other form of marketing you are already doing. SMS marketing can enhance other advertising methods in two ways: (a) connect typical mass-advertising Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 5
  6. 6. mediums like TV, radio and print with your mobile friendly website, social media accounts or apps, and (b) allows you to build very detailed customer profiles.We will cover more about using SMS and MMS marketing in practice later on.  Mobile WebsitesA mobile website is a website optimized for the small screen-size of a mobile phone.When a consumer uses his Smartphone to search for local information and came upon yourwebsite which is not optimized for the small-screen, he will most likely leave.In the image below, you’ll see the regular website of CBS and how it appears when browsed ona desktop.The red frame shows what a Smartphone user sees if CBS did not have a mobile-friendlywebsite.As you can see, mobile users see only a small portion of the site and will have great difficultynavigating it to see desired information. This will result to a bad user-experience which is why alot of established companies have a mobile-friendly version of their website.In the following image, you see CBS’s mobile website: Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 6
  7. 7. If you observe CBS’s mobile website, the menu is simpler and placed on top. The search box is also in a prominent spot which allows people on the go to search for news and information they are looking for. A search box is a convenient way for people to get to the information they want fast and easy, especially if the site they are on is a complex one, like CBS’s. The most popular news reports are also made readily accessible, perfect for busy people who are trying to keep up with current news. The home page is clean and smart looking, making it very easy for users to navigate through the site and go where they want.  CouponsPerhaps you’ve heard that coupons don’t work?That is however only true for print coupons, with mobile coupons, it’s a different matter.You see printed coupons, the ones you cut from newspapers and magazines, are very difficultto track. And because of that, it’s hard to figure out which coupon works well if you’re ‘split-testing’ so it’s almost impossible to tell if coupons are actually good for your business.With mobile marketing however, you can easily do some split testing where you test which typeof coupon is preferred by your prospects. Split testing coupons involve sending one coupon to asmall segment of your mobile subscriber list and another coupon to another segment.Then you observe which coupon works better and then send that to the rest of your mobilesubscriber list. With the ease brought by online technology, you can keep on testing andrefining coupons to better increase your conversions.Mobile coupons are highly measurable, allowing you to precisely track which coupons wereredeemed, by whom and when it was redeemed. You can even see what other items werebought when they used the coupon. Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 7
  8. 8.  Quick-Response (QR) Codes QR codes are like barcodes but instead of a bunch of parallel lines, the codes are 2-dimensional like with the image on the right. When the QR code is scanned by a phone camera, the user is then redirected to a target URL. Essentially, the QR code eliminates the need to enter lengthy website addresses which is a hassle with mobile Internet browsing. You can use QR codes to direct a user to almost any onlinedestination such as: to a website, a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter, to a GoogleMap location, an App Store download, a video, an article, an email address or message, a textmessage, your contact details, a buy now link or a coupon.This will only work if the Smartphone user has installed a QR-reader app.The only problem with QR codes is that there are ways for hackers and spammers to spreadmalware through the codes. If this information is spread by the media, then more people won’tbe too keen on using QR codes.If you decide to use a QR code in your mobile marketing, use managed QR codes that allow youto track and analyze how often a code is scanned. Also, tracking QR codes that redirect users todifferent destinations lets you do some easy split testing to know what offers are best preferredby your target market.  Mobile AppsMobile apps are NOT really recommended for small businesses. There are a number of reasonsbut the most important one is the lack of visibility.Nobody will find your app, unless they are specifically looking for it. And if your app is found,what’s the chance that it’ll be opened more than twice?Mobile apps that get opened repeatedly are those that have functions most users really needlike a weather forecast app for example.You can successfully launch an app only IF your business has a solid social media presencewhere you have a strong following. But for small businesses, investing time and resources forsomething that requires a long-term strategy that may not even work is simply not justifiable. Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 8
  9. 9. CHAPTER 3 | MOBILE MARKETING AND HOW TO DO ITNow we’ve reached the part where you learn how to use the various mobile tools in marketingyour business.SMS MarketingAs already stated, you can use SMS marketing in two ways: (1) direct marketing and (2)enhancing your other marketing and advertising strategies.  Direct MarketingFor direct marketing, you need to first build a list of people who are interested in getting SMSfrom you (pretty much like building a list for your email newsletter), and second, send targetedtext messages to that list.Because people trust SMS senders more than email senders, and they have high open rate,SMS-based marketing is more advantageous than other forms of marketing.Now you might be wondering how you can build a list of prospects.The technical part of this list building is quite simple – you either get your prospects to give youtheir cell number or you use short codes and keywords.A short code is a 5-6 digit phone number that you get from the carriers where your prospectscan send a short keyword.An example of using short codes and keywordsin SMS marketing is shown on the image [3] onthe left.The short code is ‘313131’ and the keyword is‘Joes’.When the user typed the keyword and sent it tothe short code, he received the business’s (Joe’sPizza’s) marketing SMS.The sender receives a preferred membershipand a 20% discount on his next order. Thebusiness owner on the other hand received the Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 9
  10. 10. mobile number of the sender and now has it on the database as part of their growing list ofprospects.With short codes, Smartphone owners are not the only ones who can use them, but practicallyanyone with an SMS capable mobile phone.Most businesses don’t own a unique short code but share it with other small businesses. Thekeyword is the only thing unique to each business. Also, short codes are only rented. If thecarrier decides that a small business’s use of the short code is unethical, their keyword isterminated and they can no longer send SMS to their list.You may be wondering, how do you let people know of your business’s short code andkeyword?Well you can easily integrate your short codes and keywords with other advertising strategiesyou are already doing. For example, you have newspaper ads or TV or radio ads, you caninclude your short codes in there. If you’re doing online advertising, you can use your socialmedia presence to let people know of the short code.  Enhancing Other Forms of AdvertisingThere are two ways you can use SMS marketing to enhance other form of marketing: 1. Text for information 2. Text to joinWhen you let users Text For Information, you are letting them have a look at what you areoffering without them having to give you their contact details. Giving prospects good, solidinformation without asking for anything in return is a good way to hook them. When they’resatisfied, they will initiate the move and give you their contact details.The text for information aspect is a really good way to start conversations with potentialcustomers, enhance your traditional marketing and advertising methods like broadcast andprint advertising. It’s also a great way to attract fans to your social media network, ask for afeedback and a lot other options to create a first point of contact.The Text To Join approach is best for getting customers to join your list so that you can keepsending marketing text messages and increase repeat-sales.Building a list also lets you create customer profiles which will allow you to send specifictargeted offers to the appropriate members of your list. As you progress, you will be able to Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 10
  11. 11. know what your customers want and so you’ll be sending them only offers they will likelyrespond to.MMS MarketingSince MMS supports a wide range of media (pictures, slide shows, video, audio), you can usewhatever useful content you already have in your MMS marketing. Or, you can also create goodcontent to send to your list relatively fast and easy.MMS is best used in the soft part of your marketing where you utilize this type of messaging tocreate brand awareness, evoke feelings and brand loyalty. You can do this by telling a story thatyour prospects can connect with.Whatever you come up with, it should be information that is not shared anywhere else. Peoplelike it when they are part of something exclusive, like maybe a VIP Club or a PreferredMembers’ Club.The only problem is, MMS only works on Smartphones so traditional phone users are excluded.It’s best to stick with SMS marketing for the time being. Once you’ve identified a group in yourlist that uses Smartphones, then you can start adding MMS in your marketing methods.Your Mobile Friendly WebsiteIf you have a normal website for your site, you should also have a mobile version of that.There are plugins you can install on your website that are supposed to automatically convertyour traditional website into a mobile-friendly one.The problem is search engines like Google don’t recognize these plugin modified websites asmobile sites. That is because to these search engines, normal websites and mobile websites aretwo different entities.Also, the search-behavior of someone online is different from that of someone looking forsomething using their mobile. A user searching for something on their mobile device is lookingfor ‘instant gratification’. They want to find what they’re looking for fast, and they want to getit fast. In other words, mobile users are ready to purchase.So if you want your business to be found by mobile users, then you better have a mobile siteset up.Basically, you need to create a sub-domain and put a mobile specific site there. You do this byreplacing the ‘www’ bit with ‘m’. Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 11
  12. 12. For example, your normal website is: http://www.sendviatext.comYour mobile site should be http://m.sendviatext.comSo what will happen next?When your site recognizes that it is being viewed using a mobile device, it will automaticallyredirect to your mobile site.What About The Design Of Your Mobile Site?There are good practices to keep in mind when designing your mobile site so it will be user-friendly and gives instant gratification.  Keep it quick – mobile users are on the go and they don’t have a lot of time to enter significant amounts of information. Make your site load fast (compress images) and easy to read (larger copy, bulleted texts).  Simplify the navigation – your mobile site should not confuse your viewers. If you have a complex site, search functionality will enable your visitors to find what they need easily.  Make the site thumb friendly – mobile users navigate using their fingers obviously but what you really have to consider is that people have different finger sizes. You have to design your mobile site so that people with larger hands can interact with it with ease: make buttons larger and give them breathing room to avoid or minimize accidental clicks; make text clickable and pad smaller buttons.  Make your mobile website easy to read – there should be contrast between background and text. The content should fit on screen and readable without zooming or pinching. Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 12
  13. 13.  Your mobile site should be accessible – an ideal mobile website works across all mobile platforms and handset orientations.  Make it local – mobile users look for local information on their phones most of the time so you should include a functionality that lets people find you.  Make your website easy to convert – make it easy for prospects to buy from you or contact you. Focus on product details and other info that will help conversion; minimize the steps required to complete a sale; keep the forms short; make data entry easier by using scroll menus, lists or check boxes; utilize click-to-call functionality for phone numbers.Check out the following examples of good, clean, user-friendly mobile websites [4]: Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 13
  14. 14. Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 14
  15. 15. Coupons Are A Smart MoveCoupons are a smart move IF you have clearly defined objectives that can make them work.Before you start using coupons, you have to make your objectives clear: is it your goal toincrease average order size? Reach an audience you wouldn’t reach otherwise? Increase yourcustomer base? Encourage referrals?Most of the time you will have an idea of what a good offer will be but you still need to testyour campaigns to really know which work best for most of your clients.If you have one or two good ideas for coupon campaigns, then start with that. You don’t haveto worry about the cost because mobile technology makes split testing your projects easy andcheap.Where you will encounter some challenges is with the redemption part.There are several ways your customers can redeem a coupon: Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 15
  16. 16.  They can present the code on their mobile phone and the cashier gives the discount.  They can show the code on their mobile phone, the cashier enters it in the system and gives the discount. This is much better because your tracking is automatically done now.  If you have the technology, the cashier can scan the coupon code which is in the form of a barcode (viewed only on a Smartphone). If you opt for this redemption method, you should also have an email-to-print functionality for those who don’t have a Smartphone. They will receive an email of the coupon so they can print it out.  The coupons can be downloaded to a reward-program then the customer can use the credit any way they want.Though it’s nothing complicated, you need to train your checkout staff to ensure that theyknow what they are doing and that the process of redemption is smooth. You have to work toavoid a bad checkout experience for your customer so as not to lose them.QR Codes Can Be Handy If…QR codes can be really handy if your target audience has Smartphones. Still, not all Smartphoneusers have installed QR-reader apps. In fact, a very small percentage of Smartphone ownershave QR-reader apps on their phones – just 6-7%.So unless your target audience has QR-reader apps installed on their Smartphones, QR codesare not a good idea right now.SUMMARYSo by now you should already know the potential of using mobile marketing to enhance othermarketing strategies, boost brand awareness, increase sales and reach more prospects.There are many aspects to mobile marketing but if you’re still learning this route, what werecommend is: 1. Create a mobile version of your website ( 2. Utilize SMS marketing to the fullest 3. Use coupons Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 16
  17. 17. A mobile version of your normal site makes a lot of sense because of the ever-increasingnumber of Smartphone users. As mentioned earlier, if you want a solid online presence, youhave to make your business available in mobile searches as well.Making use of SMS marketing is also a smart move because you can include everybody –Smartphone and traditional mobile phone users. SMS marketing is also ideal for directmarketing, building your list of prospects and enhancing other traditional advertising strategiesyou’re already doing.Coupons too are great for attracting new prospects, ensuring repeat sales and buildingcustomer loyalty. If you have a well thought out campaign and if you are not afraid of doing testafter test, using coupons can really do wonders to your sales. Coupons too can help build yourlist fast.Now you may be asking: “These are all good but how do I start putting these in practice?” “How do I come up with a dynamic design for a compelling mobile-friendly version of my website?” “How do I start building a list?”We offer free consultation so you can contact me or the team and we can discuss how you canintegrate mobile marketing into your overall marketing strategy. We aren’t called marketingexpert for nothing!Contact us at:info@sendviatext.comOffice: 020 3286 5464Or visit our website Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 17
  18. 18. REFERENCES[1] Our Mobile Planet: Global Smartphone Users. (Feb. 2012). Retrieved from[2] Laja, P. (2012, May 30). What You Need to Know About Mobile Internet Users and TheirShopping Behavior. Retrieved from L. (2011, Nov. 11). Study Analyzes Mobile Search, Buying Behavior In Retail. Retrievedfrom[3] Image Source: Keywords On Our Shared Short Code. Retrieved from[4] Image Source: 15 Beautiful Examples of Mobile Website Design Done Right. (2011, Nov. 04)Retrieved from Mobile Marketing For Small Business | 18