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Promotional mix


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Promotional mix

  1. 1. Integrated Marketing Communications A method of carefully coordinating all promotional activities to produce a consistent, unified message that is customer focused.
  2. 2. Traditional Approach to Marketing Communications Sales Publicity promotionPoint ofpurchase Media Packaging Special Adver- events tising Direct response Public relations Interactive Direct marketing marketing
  3. 3. Contemporary IMC Approach Sales Direct Packaging promotion response MediaPoint ofpurchase Adver- Public tising relations PublicityInteractivemarketing Direct Special marketing events
  4. 4. IMC Promotional Mix
  5. 5. What is promotion?• Any form of communication a business or organization uses to inform, persuade, or remind people about its products.
  6. 6. The Promotional Mix is acombination of the different types of promotion.
  7. 7. Basic Elements of the Promotional Mix in IMCAdvertising Direct Marketing Sales promotions Publicity/public Sales Promotionrelations Publicity/Public Personal selling Relations
  8. 8. What is the largest form of promotion?• Personal Selling! – This type of promotion requires contact with potential buyers – EG: sales presentations, sales meeting, incentive programs, fairs and trade shows.
  9. 9. Advertising….• Any paid form of non- personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor.• E.g.: print and broadcast Ads, brochures and leaflets, billboards, displ ay signs symbols and logos etc...
  10. 10. Sales Promotion• A variety of a short term incentives to encourage trial or purchase of a product or services.• E.g.: sampling, gifts, coupons , demo, rebates ,etc…
  11. 11. Public Relations/Publicity• Any activity designed to create a favorable image toward a business, its products or its policies.• E.g.: speeches, press kits, annual report, charitable donations, company magazine etc…
  12. 12. Direct marketing• Use of mail, telephone, fax, e-mail or internet to communicate directly with or solicit response or dialogue from specific customers and prospects.• E.g.: mailings, telemarketing, e- shopping, catalogs, websites, blogs etc…
  13. 13. Purpose of promotional mix Informing RemindingPLC Stages: PLC Stages:Introduction MaturityEarly Growth Target Audience PLC Stages: Growth Maturity Persuading
  14. 14. Factors Affecting the Promotional Mix Nature of Product Stage in PLC Target Market FactorsFactors Type of Buying DecisionAffectingChoice of Promotion FundsPromotional Mix Push or Pull Strategy