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Social Media Response Flowchart


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Published in: Technology
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Social Media Response Flowchart

  1. 1. Social Media Response Flowchart Someones found a posting or comment about you or your organisation. Is it positive? You can concur with the post, let stand, Was the posting found on a encourage or provide a site dedicated to degrading positive review. brands and products? Do you want to respond? Avoid responding to specific posts. Continue to monitor that site for Is the posting a rant or relevant information joke that is satirical in nature ? Let the post orcomment stand without response Respond with Factual information directly on Reinforce Are there erroneous or comment board or wall. positivity misguided facts in the (See guidelines left) posting? AlwaysRemember Take ample Report the situation or time to create comment and reply good responses Is the posting a result of a negative experience had by a with consideration. customer ? Cite your sources with links or video You should disclose Base response on present your affiliation circumstances, prominence of customers and site influenceRespond in a tone thatreflects your company positively