Lead Nurturing in the Mobile & Social Age


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Join Sendible and Quote Roller n this recorded webinar as we discuss how to use mobile and social media technologies to develop and nurture leads into long-term customers.

Topics covered:

* Why the client matters even more in the digital space.
* How to build client loyalty through social media
* How to spot social buying signals
* How to use social media + open-ended questions to learn more about client needs
* How to convert information gathered on social media & client conversations into a persuasive client proposal.
* How to add social media and sales tracking into your work routine while actually saving a significant amount of time.

Go to http://www.quoteroller.com to start saving time & money creating persuasive business proposals today!
Head over to http://www.sendible.com to nurture more leads through social media today!

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Lead Nurturing in the Mobile & Social Age

  1. 1. Lead Nurturing in the Mobile & Social Age #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller
  2. 2. Jennifer Riggins Content, social media, start-up lover, for Quote Roller, PandaDoc, CBS SmartPlanet @jkriggins Vishal Pindoriya Sendible Marketing Analyst @VishalPindoriya Who are we?
  3. 3. #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ● @QuoteRoller What we‟ll talk about • How have your clients & expectations evolved? • Why is social so important? • What are social buying signals? • Setting up monitoring of buying signals • Best practices for responding • How to qualify your leads • How to turn your leads into a sale
  4. 4. “If you‟re in the services business, generally speaking, it‟s rare for the client to just show up and give you a check right there. There‟s a need to get to know who the client is.” Geoff McQueen CEO AffinityLive #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ● @QuoteRoller
  5. 5. 2% of sales are made in the first contact. 3% of sales are made in the second contact. 5% of sales are made in the third contact. 10% of sales are made on the fourth contact. 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact. #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ● @QuoteRoller
  6. 6. Lead nurturing is the ongoing process of building a relationship with qualified prospects. Image IMCreator.com
  7. 7. And consumers are oh-so- inundated with information, now you need to work harder than ever to stand out.
  8. 8. Buyers are self- educated. 55% of consumers consult social media before making a purchase. 70% make buying choices based on emotional factors.
  9. 9. Even though you have more leads and prospects than you could ever possibly follow-up with, now, more than ever, each expects that you will work to build a relationship and services plan. #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller Image IMCreator.com
  10. 10. And the need for more points of contacts in a longer sales-decision time, meaning YOU need to streamline more with mobile sales and marketing tools. Communication must be two-way. No more shouting, it‟s about asking open- ended questions to learn more about your clients and to build a connection. #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller
  11. 11. Mobile lead nurturing sees the blending of sales and marketing automation tools to simplify your life by helping you automating your relationship building. #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller Image IMCreator.com
  12. 12. 1. Getting your brand in the periphery of your prospect. 2. Once peaked, focus nurturing relationship with focusing on offering a solution to your client‟s needs. 3. Convert what you‟ve learned into a comprehensive business proposal. #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller
  13. 13. #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller In less than 15 years…
  14. 14. #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller We live our lives in public…
  15. 15. A Buying Signal is a signal from a potential customer that shows an intent to buy a product or service
  16. 16. Today‟s Buying Signal #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller
  17. 17. Common Buying Process
  18. 18. “A qualified lead is a potential customer who has expressed interest in a product or service, and meets general buying criteria.” #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller
  19. 19. g 75% aged 18 to 49 on social 95% aged 12 to 17 active online 64% of Social Media users said that social had influence on buying decisions * 2012 Pew Research Center‟s Internet and American Life Project * Edison Research, June 2012
  20. 20. #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller
  21. 21. #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller Where to begin? • Find your keywords • Try a few “signal words” • “Does anyone…” • “I am looking for…” • “Any recommendations” http://twitter.com/search
  22. 22. #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller Brand • Easy to spot buying signals • Brand opinions • Consumer insight • Discover brand advocates
  23. 23. #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller Product & Services • Easy to spot buying signals • Consumer insight • Discover brand advocates
  24. 24. #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller Industry • Monitor Competition • Brand favorability • Trigger words • “Does anyone…” • “I am looking for…” • “Any recommendations”
  25. 25. #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller How to Configure in Sendible? (Sendible 2.0 Beta)
  26. 26. #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller (Sendible 2.0 Beta)
  27. 27. (Sendible 2.0 Beta) Best Practices for Responding Get to know the „Twitterer‟ you‟re talking to… before you start the conversation.
  28. 28. Best Practices for Responding • To promote or help? Go with the soft touch #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller
  29. 29. Best Practices for Responding • Incentivize! Automation > Twitter Autoreplies @FUTUREFAN Use 15% off Coupon Code: SOCIALPRO13
  30. 30. Best Practices for Responding Monitoring your competition #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller
  31. 31. Organize it all within a Customer Relationship Management Solution quoteroller.com/services-integrations/
  32. 32. Qualify Your Leads • Get more info + make a call • Your business must suit the client • Answer these questions: Can my company meet the client timeframe? Can my company complete project & make a profit? Will this project move my company forward? • Why will what you offer benefit the customer? • How can your offer help save them money? Time? • What can we offer better than the competition?
  33. 33. Quote Roller Step #1: Your CRM Contact & Deal info pour right into your Quote Roller Proposal. Use a Blank Proposal, reuse one you already created, or jumpstart your proposal creation with one of our 35+ industry-proven Proposal Templates.
  34. 34. Quote Roller Step #2: Add your Pricing Table The part your clients are spending the most time looking at! You can offer your clients pricing options, quantity options, & package deals. Build your own pricing table or reuse one from your Catalog.
  35. 35. Quote Roller Step #3: Use our WYSIWYG Editor Drag-n-drop Content Blocks, reusing content or creating new, showing how you can offer a solution to your client.
  36. 36. • You can use whatever you want to show off your business in the scope of being a solution for clients: videos, websites, photo galleries, HTML content, custom brand domain. • Quote Roller lets you reuse content, but makes sure you don‟t make mistakes like reuse old pricing or the wrong name. • Quote Roller cuts your proposal creation down to about 15 minutes! • Just make sure, when you reuse proposal content, you take the time to customize to address your lead‟s needs. Focus on Solving Client Needs #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller
  37. 37. Quote Roller Step #4: Finalize Send your clients a secure link to your Proposal. Use legal Electronic Signature to close deals faster.
  38. 38. • Even if your proposal isn‟t accepted, it‟s an investment in your future mobile marketing and sales campaigns • Plus, with Quote Roller, you increase your likelihood of them saying YES by 28%! #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller
  39. 39. Go to QuoteRoller.com to start saving time & money creating persuasive business proposals today! Discount code: 50OFF1STMONWEB for 50% off first month Head over to Sendible.com to nurture more leads through social media today! Discount code: SOCIALPRO14 for 20% off any monthly plan #LeadNurture ● @Sendible ●@QuoteRoller Questions?