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On Design and My Work


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A presentation demonstrating UI possibilities, and showcasing some of my work and skills.

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On Design and My Work

  1. 1. On Design & My Work Benjamin Mailian
  2. 2. The potential of a great user interface
  3. 3. With a little coding we can turn this...
  4. 4. With a little coding we Into this... can turn this...
  5. 5. By putting the user at the center of the development process, we can focus on usability.
  6. 6. Consider the difference between these two essentially identical selectors...
  7. 7. Consider the difference between these two essentially identical selectors...
  8. 8. Consider the difference between these two essentially identical selectors...
  9. 9. Standard user inputs
  10. 10. Standard Enhanced user inputs user inputs
  11. 11. Here is what a little styling can do for this...
  12. 12. Here is what a little styling can do for this...
  13. 13. A good interface makes software easy to use and boosts its adoption rate. A poor user interface can make an excellent technology unusable.
  14. 14. I design for ROI ROI: Returns On Investment Approach inspired in part by Web Design for ROI by Lance Lovday and Sandra Niehaus (2008)
  15. 15. Your web project is not an end, it is a means to an end.
  16. 16. Your web project is not an end, it is a means to an end. Define your organizational objectives for your project
  17. 17. Great design achieves your objectives while being user-centric Who are you building this for? What do these people want? What’s the best way to give it to them?
  18. 18. Designing for ROI is concerned with • Your organization’s objectives • Your visitor’s expectations and questions • Unique issues based on the design component • Metrics that can be used to measure efficiency
  19. 19. Here is the process in action
  20. 20. Client • Flight of the Gibbon - An eco-friendly rainforest zipline adventure tour company in Thailand • Component: the homepage
  21. 21. Organization Objectives • Online sale of eco-friendly adventure tours in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand • Capture bookings before travel agents do to save 25% on commission payouts • Reach tourists before they get to Thailand to avoid high marketing costs in the crowded Thai tourist market place
  22. 22. Visitor expectations and questions • Does this look safe and trustworthy? • What does this company do? • Does this look like something I want to do? • What actions can I take now? • Hmm, that’s intriguing, how do I learn more?
  23. 23. Unique Issues (for the homepage) • Appeal to many types of visitors • Establish credibility • Meet expectations of diverse types of visitors • Write compelling copy • Have clear call to action • Use big clear buttons
  24. 24. Appropriate Metrics • Abandonment/penetration rate of the homepage • Number of tour bookings
  25. 25. Here is how it translates into design
  26. 26. In this case, the logo does not explain the activities of the company so we add a tagline that immediately tells visitors what the company does.
  27. 27. We engage the user to click on a slider presentation that requires no page reload to explain the product in an engaging and fast-paced way.
  28. 28. We address the most important points clearly and concisely right on the home page.
  29. 29. We establish safety and trustworthiness with standards, testimonials and secure online booking
  30. 30. Keeping in mind our objective of bypassing travel agents through direct booking, we highlight internet-only benefits
  31. 31. We use big buttons that stand out from the rest of the site. Each button describes a clear action.
  32. 32. In the scope of establishing our credibility, we list media coverage of the company
  33. 33. We make it easy to contact and follow us
  34. 34. We place information for fast-paced visitors above the fold, and we use the footer to display content for visitors that will take the time to scroll down to find out what we’re all about. This is also a way to incorporate search engine strategy into the home page without compromising persuasion architecture.
  35. 35. More of my work
  36. 36. Proposed upcoming redesigns of utilizing the exisiting underlying display logic. (I handle the web operations of Petrossian worldwide) This site is powered by a custom PHP e-commerce platform. I managed the development and deployment of the platform.
  37. 37. Concept Skin for
  38. 38. Concept Skin for
  39. 39. Sounds of The Ancestors Experiential E-learning Site powered by Drupal
  40. 40. ISDSI Proposed Redesign
  41. 41. This client had 3 very different sectors in mind: rock climbing adventures, experiential education programs and corporate teambuilding We designed 3 different templates, one for each sector, while preserving continuity and brand image. This site is powered by Joomla!
  42. 42. The Rock Climbing Adventures Template
  43. 43. The Experiential Education Template
  44. 44. The Sanctuary Thailand This site is powered by Wordpress
  45. 45. VGJ has a1% bounce rate. For every 100 visitors, only 1 person leaves without clicking through to another page on the site. For most sites, 30% is a low bounce rate. In VGJ’s case, it means that visitors were immediately engaged in the site. This site is powered by Wordpress
  46. 46. iPhone GUI
  47. 47. Web banners
  48. 48. Web banners - VGJ
  49. 49. Web banners - Petrossian (animated)
  50. 50. Web banners - Yablok
  51. 51. Email campaigns
  52. 52. Email campaigns
  53. 53. Email campaigns
  54. 54. Email campaigns
  55. 55. Other Design Work Samples available upon request • Print ads, banners, brochures, flyers • Stationery • Van and bus graphics
  56. 56. Closing note I am a designer and... • I have skills that extend into management, marketing, coding and server administration. • I usually work with PHP & MySQL on Linux servers, often with Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. • I have developed a custom multi-lingual e-commerce platform for a MNC • I can interface with other technical partners and have experience managing projects and meeting deadlines. • I am fluent in English and French. • I am an entrepreneur, a creative thinker and a solution finder. • I teach multimedia technologies and film. • I can learn new things.
  57. 57. Thank you for your interest in my work. My name is Benjamin Mailian You can contact me at I work with Jeff Friesen who is an SEO and e-business consultant. You can contact him at