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What Does It Mean To Be AIESEC-er?


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Keynote Speech for National AIESEC Conference in Slovakia - 6th November 2010

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What Does It Mean To Be AIESEC-er?

  1. 1. How to become True AIESEC - er “Painted” during Oct/Nov 2010 By @IvanaSendecka
  2. 2. Let us have A Close look atOn the picture: MC Team of AIESEC Slovakia 2009/2010
  3. 3. What Does It Mean To Be in
  4. 4. Sweating During Group Dancing Creations ?
  5. 5. Crazy Drinking Competitions? Having Fun During
  6. 6. Creating Together During Brainstorming Sessions?
  7. 7. Dressing Up For Gala Night ?
  8. 8. Yes, all of the above Is part of being in but
  9. 9. I Humbly Believe, That “You are here today, also because you want to make a difference!”
  10. 10. Am I correct?
  11. 11. So, Let’s Get Serious, Here There Is Also Work To Be Done ! Marek Lutz– President of AIESEC Slovakia 2009/2010
  12. 12. Recruiting “Newies” Placement of interns Going for Sales Meetings Preparing Info meetings Conducting Trainings
  13. 13. Are those our targets?! Holy smokes! They must be joking!
  14. 14. Ouch! Priority Table Is NOT Helpful At All...
  15. 15. Are You, Sure That Sales Meeting Went O.K.? Absolutely! You Were Amazing, Evka!
  16. 16. Those were just Few of challenges you have to face in
  17. 17. So, who is True AIESEC – er, Then?
  18. 18. Your “stay” in AIESEC can go on like this...
  19. 19. OR
  20. 20. Both Paths Will Take You to the End
  21. 21. Question for you is: “How do you want Your
  22. 22. experience to be Like ?”
  23. 23. I believe you will chose this
  24. 24. A*( ^&% I#$*(!@ E^&@#$ S*&^% E!@#$^& C)(****(*^* So, What Will Take You Higher?
  25. 25. Let’s decode acronym
  26. 26. Ask whyWhy do I do what I do? Why did I decide to join AIESEC? Why do I look forward to every new day?
  27. 27. Ask why Innovate Use free Tools available to you. Be creative!
  28. 28. Ask why Innovate Execute Overcome your fear and start doing what you talk about
  29. 29. Ask why Innovate Execute Share Share your Ideas and insights. Be Generous!
  30. 30. To Your Team What a Ride It Was! Ask why Innovate Execute Share Explain HQ Office of AIESEC Slovakia
  31. 31. Ask why Innovate Execute Share Explain Contribute everyone’s contribution matters!
  32. 32. Wrap up Ask why Innovate Execute Share Explain Contribute
  33. 33. So, What!? Tell Us, What Exactly Are We Suppose To Do With This “True AIESEC” Approach? (Or else I prefer to enjoy my beer) “Sunny” – President of AIESEC Slovakia 2010/2011
  34. 34. Fair Enough! Point Taken, boss...
  35. 35. (I assume) you might expect something like This:
  36. 36. Recipe
  37. 37. but I will Disappoint you
  38. 38. Recipe
  39. 39. One thing, I can do is to:
  40. 40. share with you a true story Being Truly AIESEC about
  41. 41. How about that?
  42. 42. As k w h y
  43. 43. Why are so many talented people in Slovakia, so shy to express themselves ? Why do they blindly follow authorities? Why are people leaving Slovakia and choosing to live abroad?
  44. 44. I n n o v a t e
  45. 45. With help of social media, I’ve been connecting with world’s top thinkers
  46. 46. E x e c u t e
  47. 47. 1st conference With Help of 3 Speakers Who Believed In Me Took Place in Poprad, Nov 2009 Josh Epperson, Ron Carucci, Jonathan DeWaal
  48. 48. S h a r e
  49. 49. I share NGLS ideas & spirit via And thanks to Web 2.0
  50. 50. NGLS & featured it in his new book Jim Kouzes has noticed
  51. 51. E p l a i n
  52. 52. Let Me Explain NGLS story To You Through Moving Pictures
  53. 53. C O n t r I b u t e
  54. 54. Like I did for 2 Weeks, When I’ve Started To Create This Deck for YOU
  55. 55. Like I’m doing now Talking &( Blushing ) In Front Of You... Because
  56. 56. I Believe, That ONLY With Your Truly AIESEC Attitude!
  57. 57. So, As you could see
  58. 58. It is possible to become true AIESEC- er
  59. 59. It Is NOT About: gender
  60. 60. All You Need Is… Love For What You Are Doing... Love! Love!
  61. 61. Be Part of #2 NGLS Conference 22 - 23 Jan 2011
  62. 62. Thank You! For Choosing To Be Present Today @IvanaSendecka