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Super Cool Gang - Annual Issue 2010


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Special "September Issue" of One Year on blog Inspiring Shipments.
This slide-deck is dedicated to those who have been around since Sept 2009 till Sept 2010.
Thank you guys, you rock!

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Super Cool Gang - Annual Issue 2010

  1. 1. Special Annual „September Issue“ for those, who care about blog : Inspiring Shipments (#IS) In Poprad, Slovakia Painted on Sept/Oct 2010 by @IvanaSendecka
  2. 2. Inspiring Shipments (#IS) is around for one year and now it is time to reflect and to... Connect the dots, which made all miracles happen
  3. 3. Once lonely „hairy“ catterpillar, now elegant butterfly; that how it goes in nature & life #IS isn‟t any exception and it has evolved ,too
  4. 4. Let me walk you through an exciting path
  5. 5. Purpose of this slide-deck IS to * SCG = Super Cool Gang * IS = Inspiring Shipments
  6. 6. So, Let Us Find Out More About
  7. 7. During summer 2010 from 18th June till 18th Sept Super cool Gang grew by 30 gents plus 11 ladies 41 Super cool „artists“
  8. 8. Let„s compare SCG vol. 1, 2 & 3 demographics
  9. 9. Super Cool Gang Vol.1 Super Cool Gang Vol.2 22% ladies gents 48% ladies 78% 52% gents Total: 69 Super Cool Gang Vol.3 Total: 47 ladies 27% gents 73% Total: 41
  10. 10. 41 Scg-ers vol.3 Represent these countries of the world
  11. 11. Scg-ers vol. 3 are from 18 countries 7 6 5 4 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 * 7 New Countries, which weren’t represented in SCG Vol. 1& 2 became part of SCG Vol.3
  12. 12. Let„s have a close look at
  13. 13. Salman Syed “SCG“ Vol.3 Frances Schagen Rahul Deodhar Noah Fleming Ayesha Naz Jim Kouzes Nibras Bawa BjoernHerrmann Tanmay Vora Daniel C. Shaw Monika Hardy Joseph Jambu Franz Milec
  14. 14. Charles Phillip “SCG“ Vol.3 Ivan Makatúra Valerio Dave Rowley Ivan Campuzano Lucia Marečáková Asma Chang Kinda Alabo Eva Janoštíková Michael Leander Jan Miklánek Maziar Daneshpajooh
  15. 15. “SCG“ Vol.3 Branislav Dudáš M. Ghorbani Mazen Abusrour Frank Dunham Juraj Borovský Dina Ruth Tanya Stankeva Abishek Mukherjee Rosaleen Twyford Oliver Janzen Peter Csik Mike Shields Susan Wright Travis Priddy Sin Trenton Mehraj Sally Boucher
  16. 16. There are also 3 authors among Scg vol.3 Rahul Deodhar Tanmay Vora Jim Kouzes
  17. 17. Guys, you are only click away from „meeting“ scg vol.1&2
  18. 18. Ladies & gentlemen Let me welcome back on „slides-stage“ Scg vol.2
  19. 19. Dave Robinson Arjan Tupan Erik Posthuma Carina Pueyo Tibor Peták Ray Colon Asma Chang Bernadeta Mars Dorian Balal Naeem Vlčková Salman Khan Arifur Rahman Lukáš Jankovič Muhammad Sami Ullah Philipp Bauer Mercedes Saqib
  20. 20. Greg Blencoe Miroslava Ďuranková Jana Zuzana Ďuricová Urbanová Zuzana Košutová Khalil Aleker Marko Minka Houri Ghorbani Patricia Achami Waqas Aslam Michal Butela Peter Hanula Lenka „Blue Uranus“ Krajčíková Fawaz Chugtai
  21. 21. Christine Ranck Mark Wagner Jean Berg Sarauer Amir Niktoreh Branislav Rác Tony Cruise Hulbert Lee Magdaléna Hučková Michael Yanakiev Didier Daglinckx Felix Saymant Kat Tom Myers Štefan Korbeľ
  22. 22. SCG Vol.2 has also Author of a book among them Check out book written for YOU by Christine Ranck Yay!
  23. 23. Are you ready to meet core scg -ers? Here they are: Scg vol.1
  24. 24. “Click on “pics” & Trey Hugh Macleod connect with SCG Vol.1 Pennington Lukáš ZunNurian Jakubička Emmanuel Gobillot Kim Maglinti Karen Tisha Berg Davis Tyler Shores Branislav Sidra Tim Bušovský Denny Coates Qasim Brownson Seth Godin Loris Toso J.D. Meier David Laurie Kadavy Sebastian Anne Budd Buczek Lawler Kang Sastre Waqas Ali Jackson Hennekes
  25. 25. Charlie Hoehn “Click on “pics” & connect with SCG Vol.1 Jakub Turan Tomáš Gríger Janka Rastislav Remšíková Bednář Mithun Dutta Devgon Vishal Florian Hollender Mutembei Kariuki Grant McCracken Lucia Viktor Arjan Šálková Oravec Tiessen Martina Šostáková Angelo Jason Kellie Verona „Mo“ Miroslava Michael Scott Steve Gharbi Ďurneková Vrijhoef Marek Lutz Stafstrom Shapiro Marek Chorvát
  26. 26. “Click on “pics” & connect with SCG Vol.1 Malay Vadjikar Martin Prodaj Anant Ján Hargaš Khera Kennie De Vore Peter Thomsen Lucia Alasdair Gabriela Bobovská Rawsthorne Husárová Tomáš Vychovalý Faraz Musthtaq Ismail Shariff Róbert Lenčéš Michael Banks Ivano Ghirardini Zulkifl Santosh Khalid Petra Malipatil Magová Dominika Szántová Johnny Malek Marek Rohoň Hlavajová
  27. 27. There are 10 Authors of amazing books among SCG – Vol.1 . How super cool is that? Check them all out and their gifts to the world
  28. 28. Anne Jackson Emmanuel Gobillot Hugh Macleod Steve Shapiro Martin Prodaj Tim Brownson Grant McCracken Lawler Kang Tyler Shores
  29. 29. Seth Godin What„s your excuse, then? ;-)
  30. 30. Thank you & congratulations for reaching here, because the best of this slide-deck is... ...yet to come in next 33 slides!
  31. 31. History repeats & in 2010 it is time „Bro“ Tom turned 1 Little me 1984 For family celebration again! This is not a promo for orwel„s book, it„s a year when this pic was taken;-)
  32. 32. Scg, Inspiring shipments is 1 year old! Hey, sister. Why you so excited about my cake? and NOW it is celebration of YOU
  33. 33. Let me offer you „#is cake“ 2010 Which sums up 1 year of us together
  34. 34. SCG, we can be proud of what we„ve See following slides, see how your presence matters ! SHIPPED within one year
  35. 35. You Have Received & Opened 140 Shipments* * Note For newcomers: shipment = blog post
  36. 36. Those 140 shipments made us „talk“ via 1506 comments
  37. 37. 38 out of 140 shipments Were Video blogs Which were viewed by you
  38. 38. Ya, I„ve freaked out when I„ve found out Videos were viewed 6910 times
  39. 39. And lenght of all 38 videos was 4 34 minutes hours 32 seconds Which would fill few tapes in old times
  40. 40. Let me tell you more about Super Cool Gang => who are those readers, who left... ...comment on #IS within 1 year Between 18th september 2009 and 18th September 2010
  41. 41. Average age of scg is 33.3* years * (Scg vol.1 31.6 + SCG vol.2 33 + SCg vol.3 35.6)/3
  42. 42. (157-1) SCG-ers are coming from 26 countries check out this Interactive visualization
  43. 43. Why (157 – 1) Scg-ers ? …hmmm…
  44. 44. 6th August Was the saddest Day For # IS Ever…. Michael Yanakiev you are greatly missed …
  45. 45. … <sigh> Yes, that„s life & Mike left us with this
  46. 46. We are all so fragile… One day we can tweet together or type comments on blogs and next they we are gone… Seize every day, scg!
  47. 47. #IS is taking 1st steps on own feet & ... 1 year old I.S. In 1983 I believe you will help me to push #IS fwd
  48. 48. I can hear ya, asking loudly :„SO, WHAT?“ „why all the noise around this simple blog ?“ Hear out what SCG-ers say:
  49. 49. WHY do you read Inspiring Shipments? “it helps me to be better, to make my life different and happier. It is a great thing you do. Ivana is the greatest inspiration and her shipments are valuable, open hearted…I love them.“ Lucia Bobovská “Because it is about me (every person who wants to create WOW)” Waqas Ali “Because Ivana keeps the promise that is in the title – inspires me. I come to this url to get inspired by open heartness, happiness and full commitment.” Marek Lutz
  50. 50. #IS does not care about SEO or other traffic boosters. SCG –ers Type url. Themselves! ;-)
  51. 51. #IS‟s style is not to praise own feathers Therefore, let me delegate introduction of #IS to those whose opinion matters the most: SCG
  52. 52. “How would you describe Inspiring Shipments to someone, who is not part of Super Cool Gang? “Super cool “I am telling people if posts/shipments that you want to get not only inspires me but inspiration to make any gives me practical difference around you examples of how to live. by following your life with everyday common-sense heart with attaining the power to and application of the virtues.” say yes to any difficulty, then you Joseph Jambu must visit # IS” Sidra Qasim “#IS is a source of authentic happiness, inspiration and true story of how full devotion to an idea can make your life better. The stories and ideas shipped on this blog will change your world view – if you are open to that.” Marek Lutz
  53. 53. After such words #IS can walk proudly, Because #IS walks its talk : it inspires and is source of inspiration for its readers – SCG!
  54. 54. What does being part of SCG means to you? “It feels like a mix of less alone with a pixel more universal than before. It also feels like “yes, you can!” Sebastian Sastre “I feel the connection to the people in the gang, as I probably share the same interest and feelings when reading the blog as they do. I feel happy to return the favor to Ivana in form of supporting her and showing, that her work matters for me.” Marek Lutz Being part of SCG is awesome coz of the priceless but free training/knowledge that I get from you:-) opening my eyes to the e-world and giving me a sense of belonging to this wonderful virtual family:-)” Joseph Jambu
  55. 55. Heart of #IS magic is that SCG FEEL ! And when we feel, we evolve and evolution is change. See what SCG-ers changed
  56. 56. Did YOU take any action, which resulted in change of your behavior, based on inspiration from #IS? “Small actions were “You taught reading books/watching me to control movies from Ivana‟s my lizard MUST list. Bigger action brain. I am is for me, that I finally going ahead got FINE with who I am and what I with spirit in charged by you. do and how I do it. And that was Thanks. I Love you.” thanks to readings on this blog.” Sidra Qasim Marek Lutz “I was inspired enough to follow in your footsteps and to be able to start two blogs. SCG direction has been pivotal in this entire process especially giving me direction.” Joseph Jambu
  57. 57. Mind-blowing confessions, aren„t they? Want to hear some more comments, about what impact is #IS having ? Here they are:
  58. 58. Did YOU take any action, which resulted in change of your behavior, based on inspiration from #IS? “I‟ve added comments to our blogs to make them more fun and connected in part because I‟ve saw how you use it to connect yourself to your people. Hush hush, we‟re are going to announce in a couple of days. It was hard to find the time to implement those but we are convinced that the power of connection will be worthy.” Sebastian Sastre “Started following myself, Learnt to DO IT NOW! (started my business), Connected with great people from SCG, Motivated friends to get here and now many of them are here and positive.” Waqas Ali
  59. 59. I have no further comments. SCG-ers said it all and expressed that #IS matters. I am speechless and grateful...
  60. 60. YOU made this one year possible I„m so grateful to YOU for everything !
  61. 61. Please, allow me to dedicate last words to my parents who are such strong loving souls, supporting me with all their love, even tough i can see that they do worry a lot about future of their „jobless“daughter ...
  62. 62. Mum, Dad I want you to know that „I have faith & drive to carry on with shipping & all i do, because I want to give you, retirement you so deserve....“
  63. 63. SCG, Thank YOU for you! Rest is said in this video “Life Is Super Cool!”