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NGLS 3 Program


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NGLS 3 Program

  1. 1. Day One: Saturday, 21 April 2012, Sheraton Hotel BratislavaWhen What Who10:00 Registration All11:00 Welcome and Introduction to NGLS 3 Ivana Sendecka (IS)11:15 The Future of Learning Sugata Mitra12:25 On School 3.0 IS13:30 Coffee Break All14:05 Inspiring Hope & Happiness Imanuel Goncalves15:25 Learning from Mistakes in Silicon Valley Alasdair Rawsthorne17:00 Call to action IS17:30 Social Media Party in Ambers Bar All
  2. 2. Day Two: Sunday, 22 April 2012, Sheraton Hotel BratislavaWhen What Who10:00 Two Inspiring Talks by NGLS 2-ers Ján Husár & Boris Šebošík Start of work on NGLS Manifesto about Education All in working groups according10:45 + to a chosen area of interest Sipping Coffee and Snacking14:00 Lunch All15:00 Final Touches to Manifesto All16:30 Presentation of work done Team leaders of working groups17: 15 Conversation on next steps All18:00 Keynote speech Jim Kouzes (via video)19:00 Closing of NGLS 3 IS