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Agenda ngls


Published on

22-23 Jan 2011

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Agenda ngls

  1. 1. 10:00 Registration & Check In11:00 Welcome to 2nd NGLS with Ivana, Ron, JonDAY #1: 22 JanuaryIntroduction & Welcome | Overview of the Agenda | Who is NGLS and why do we do it? | Why Love? |Individual and communal reflection | Loving on three levels |12:00 Lunch & Social Time13:00 LOVEFEST ONE: Loving Within with Jon DeWaal Knowing your gifts | Embracing your humanity | What prevents loving within | Loving your story |15:00 NGLS-ers in Action: Eva Jantošíková15:30 Networking &Snack16:00 LOVEFEST TWO: Loving Between with Ivana Sendecka Loving Slovakia one friend at a time | The power of the other | Loving when it costs |Loving between – where true transformation happen | 18:00 Learning to love your Future with Trey Pennington19:00 Evening Session: A night at the moviesTime<br />08:00 Welcome to Day Two08:15NGLS-ers in Action: Peter HegedúšDAY #2: 23 January09:00 Remembering Our Stories10:00 LOVEFEST THREE: Loving Within with Ron CarucciWhere does Slovakia needs to be loved? | What will loving Slovakia cost? | What’s at stake if Slovakia is not loved well? | Call to Action – loving Slovakia tomorrow | 12:15 Lunch & Networking13:00 Speakers: NGLS Entrepreneurs Michal Truban is CEO from Websupport | Pavol Muľar from Groteska Art Café | 13:30 14:30 Preparing to love Well: NGLS Team Close (Ivana, Ron, Jon)Reliving NGLS 2009 Stories from the Future15:15Conclude 2nd NGLS Conference TimeThe Importance of Tomorrow’s Leaders with Milan Muška<br />