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Legend Of Batu bagga
Long time agoin Sulawesi Island,livedamannamedIntobu.He livedalone withhisonlyson,named
One day while fishing,intobusee anBaggacomingintothe harbor. thenhe approached.she saw a
handsome youngmanaccompaniedbya b...
Moral Values
As a child,neverforgetall the services,especiallyparents.
to a motherwhowas pregnantandraise theirchildren,es...
Theywentfromtownto town andfrom village tovillageuntil one daywere travellingthroughabig
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Narrative Text

Legend of Batu Bagga, Legend of Malin Kundang, & Legend of Keong Mas

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Narrative Text

  1. 1. Legend Of Batu bagga Orientation Long time agoin Sulawesi Island,livedamannamedIntobu.He livedalone withhisonlyson,named Impalak.Theywere poor.Everydaytheyworkasfishermen. Complication Impalakstartedto feel boredwiththe job.He wantedtomake a betterlivingforhisfatherandhimself. One day,Impalaktriedto talkto hisfatherabouthisdesire.Intobuwassadhearinghisson’sdecision, but he alsowantedImpalaktobe a successful,he lethim. then,impalakwenttothe harbor togetherwithhisfather.The bagga(sailboat) wasreadytosetsail. There were tearsinhiseyesas he saw the bagga leavingthe harbor. A fewyearspassed.One day,Intobuwentfishingwithhissmall sampanandheadedtothe openwater nearthe harbor.But thenhe saw a bagga headingtothe harbor. Whenthe bagga was gettingclose toIntobu’ssampan,he saw a handsome youngmanwithhisbeautiful wife.Intoburecognizedthe youngman.He wasImpalak,hisson.“Impalak!Impalak,myson!”Intobu shouthappily. Resolution but he ignoredhim.impalakembarrassedtoadmithim. Intobutriedtorow hissampan closertothe bagga,but suddenlythere’sabigwavesinthe sea.Intobu’s sampanwas hitby the wavesandalmostdrowned.Intobuwasshouting,askinghelpfromhisson.But Impalakignoredhisfather.He eventurnedhisbaggaintothe opposite directionfromIntobu’ssampan. Intobu’sheartwasbrokento see hisson’signorance.Hisfellingismixedwithsadnessandanger.He lookedinto the skyandprayed,“Oh,God. Please hearmyprayer.I curse that rebelliousson’sbaggainto stone.”NotlongafterIntobusaidthe prayer,a stormcame and struckImpalak’sbagga.The windblew so hard,pushingthe bagga to the shore.Suddenly,the bagga andImpalakturnedintostone. Sequence Of Events impalakboredintofishing.he wantstomake life betterforhisfatherandhimself.thenhe askedfor permissiontogooutside the countrytohisfather.Her fathergranted. the nextday he wentsailingaboardBagga.and he lefthisfatheralone. intobumanyyearswaitingforhim.
  2. 2. One day while fishing,intobusee anBaggacomingintothe harbor. thenhe approached.she saw a handsome youngmanaccompaniedbya beautiful woman. intobureallyrecognize it.impalakyoung man,his son. intobucallingher,butimpalakignored. bigwave came andturnedthe shipto sink.intobuimpalakaskedforhelp.butimpalakstill ignoreit. witha sense of disappointmentandanger,intobupraytogodto condemnintobuintostone. once the stormcame andmade a bigBagga was tossedaroundto pushherto the edge of the beach. Bagga and impalaksuddenlyturnedtostone Legend Of Malin Kundang Orientation A longtime ago,in a small village nearthe beachinWestSumatra,a womanand herson lived.They were MalinKundangandher mother.Hermotherwas a single parentbecause MalinKundang'sfather had passedawaywhenhe wasa baby.MalinKundanghad tolive hardwithhismother. Complication One day,whenMalinKundangwas sailing,he saw amerchant'sshipwhichwasbeingraidedbya small bandof pirates.He helpedthe merchantdefeatedthe pirates. Inreturnthe merchantaskedMalin Kundangto sail withhim.Toget a betterlife,MalinKundangagreed.He lefthismotheralone. Many yearslater,MalinKundangbecame wealthy.He hada huge shipand washelpedbymanyship crewsloadingtradinggoods.Perfectlyhe hada beautiful wife too.Whenhe wassailinghistrading journey,hisshiplandedonabeachnear a small village.The villagersrecognizedhim.The newsranfast inthe town;“MalinKundanghas become richandnow he is here”. An oldwomanran to the beachto meetthe new rich merchant.She wasMalinKundang’smother.She wantedtohug him,releasedhersadnessof beinglonelyaftersolongtime.Unfortunately,whenthe mothercame,MalinKundangwhowas infront of hiswell dressedwife andhisshipcrewsdenied meetingthatoldlonelywoman.Forthree timeshermotherbeggedMalin Kundangandforthree times he yelledather.buthe ignoredher Resolution Finally,enraged,she cursedMalinKundangthathe wouldturnintoa stone if he didn'tapologize.Malin Kundangjustlaughedandreallysetsail. In the quietsea,suddenlya thunderstormcame.Hishuge shipwaswreckedanditwas too late forMalin Kundangto apologize.He wasthrownbythe wave outof hisship.He fell ona small island.Itwasreally too late forhimto avoidhiscurse.Suddenly,he turnedintoastone.
  3. 3. Moral Values As a child,neverforgetall the services,especiallyparents. to a motherwhowas pregnantandraise theirchildren,especiallyif untilitbecomesachildwhois rebellious.Disobedience toparentsisone bigsinthatwill be borne bythe children. Legend Of Keong Mas Orientation Prince RadenPutrawas marriedto a princessnamedDewi Limaran. Complication One day whenDewi Limaranwaswalkinginthe palace garden,she saw a snail amongherlovelyflowers and she had one of her servantspick itup and throw itaway. The Snail wasactuallyan oldwitchwho had disguisedherself asasnail.The witchwas veryangry,so she cursedDewi Limaranand changedher intoa goldensnail andthrewitintothe river.The streamcarrieditfar away fromthe palace. On the side of a big forest,there livedapoorwidow.Herlivingwasonlyfishing.One dayitwasa particularlybaddayas she didn’tcatchany fish.Atlastshe pulledupthe netto go home.Suddenlyshe saw somethingshiningatthe bottomof it.It was onlya snail.Itsshell shone like gold.Neverthelessshe pickeditup andtook ithome. At home she putit inan earthenpot.She thenwentto bedand soonwasfast asleepasshe wasvery tired.The nextmorningwhenshe woke up,she foundto heramazementthatthe floorhadbeenswept cleanand there wassome foodonthe table.She wonderedwhohaddone all this. she thengot an idea.The nextmorningshe tookherbasketandwentout as usual,butshortlyshe returnedtoher hutand hidherself.Suddenlyshe heardasoftmovementinside the earthenpotand saw the snail creepingoutof it.It grewbiggerandbiggerand ina momenta lovelyyounggirl stood where the snail hadbeen.The emptyshell fell tothe groundbehindher. Whenthe oldwomansaw all this,she noticedthatit wasnot an ordinarysnail she hadcaught, buta personwholivedunderaspell,andshe knew whatshe hadto do to breakit. She crept stealthilytothe emptyshell,tookit,andthenrushedoutof the hut to throw it intothe river. Nowshe had brokenonlya part of the spell,andthe restof itmust still be brokenbefore she could returnto her husband. Many yearspassedby……. The kingpersuadedhissonto lookforanotherbride,butat firstPrince RadenPutrarefusedashe could not forsake hiswife.Inthe end,however,the prince askedhisfatherif he couldgoout to finda bride, but one whowas a look-alike of hisformerwife.Anoldfaithful servantaccompaniedhimonhistrip.
  4. 4. Theywentfromtownto town andfrom village tovillageuntil one daywere travellingthroughabig forestandtheylosttheirway. Resolution Finallythe mencame toa bigriverand notfar from ittheysaw a hut.They wenttoit to ask forsome foodand drinkas theywere hungry,thirstyanddeadtired.The oldwomanwelcomedthemwarmly. RadenPutra foundthe meal servedbythe oldwomanexcellent.She toldhimthatherdaughterhad preparedit.RadenPutrathenaskedwhetherhe mightmeetandthankherdaughter.The oldwoman had no objectionsandcalledherdaughtertocome out.The younggirl appearedandkneltdowninfront of RadenPutrawithherhead bent. WhenRadenPutra sawher,he caught hisbreathingreat surprise asthe younggirl lookedexactlylike hisformerwife princessDewi Limaran.Butthe girl shookherheadandsaidthat she had made a promise :whena man wantedtomarry her,he had to obtainthe holygamelan( Javanese orchestra) fromheavenwhichcouldmake musicwithoutbeingtouched. RadenPutra waswillingtotryand wentoutintothe forest.He thenfastedandmeditated.Aftera hundreddaysthe godsheard andgrantedhiswish. On theirweddingdaythe holygamelanplayeditsheavenlymusic.Itwasso beautifulthateveryperson whoheardit felthappierthanever. Sequence Of Events Dewi limarancursedbya witchintoslugsand thrownintothe river.then slugwasfoundby a poor widowandthenlivedtogether. RadenPutra whohas losthiswife decidedtoleavetowntotownand village tovillage lookingfora bride instead of Dewi Limaran . but he gotlostin the woods to find a shack. he came to askfor water and food. oldwomanservedherwell.The womansaidthatherdaughterhas preparedall of this.thenthe prince wantsto meethisdaughter.The oldwomandidnot mindandtoldher daughtertoget out.The young girl appearedandbowedhead. Radenputra wassurprisedthatthe girl that he methiswife like.butthe younggirl shookherheadand saidif there was a man whomarriedherthenhe shouldgetthe holygamelanfromthe skythat can make musicwithoutbeingintouch. Raden putra then try and go forestry. he meditated and fasted until the gods heard and granted hiswish. on herweddingdaysacredgamelanplayedheavenlymusic.itwassowonderful tohearall happyif