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PoolParty platform is a state-of-the-art technology to integrate semantics into enterprise solutions. See how organisations can benefit from semantic web technologies and how PoolParty could work for you!

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PoolParty Platform 2013

  1. 1. Redefining information management Andreas Blumauer CEO, Semantic Web Company www.semantic-web.at www.poolparty.biz
  2. 2. About Semantic Web Company founded 2001 in Vienna, Austria 20 experts in strategy, coding, consulting, research Product: PoolParty Suite (launched 2009) Serving global 500 companies EU- & US-based consulting services
  3. 3. Customers - extract World Bank  Pearson Roche Diagnostics  REEEP Credit Suisse  British Museum Wolters Kluwer  Education Services Australia Biogen Idec  Daimler Wood MacKenzie  A1 Telekom
  4. 4. Provided Solutions extract knowledge from big data and text from within organisations and/or from the web make information better accessible by using open data standards improve communication between knowledge workers by using social software and/or semantic technologies business intelligence, customer support, semantic search, recommender engines, information enrichment, linked data integration, mash-ups, knowledge management, text mining
  5. 5. Some Use Cases
  6. 6. The core: Knowledge models Machines help to identify meaning
  7. 7. How: PoolParty Suite
  8. 8. Demos  Customer Support Systems >  News Mining and BI Dashboards > Semantic Content Editing >  Semantic Search >
  9. 9. Answers on some FAQs What is a thesaurus, what is the difference to a taxonomy or an ontology?  A thesaurus is expressive enough to improve most enterprise applications significantly  but it is not too complex to create and maintain it in a sustainable way
  10. 10. Answers on some FAQs Why does PoolParty make use of Semantic Web technologies?  the „Semantic Web“ is a stack of standards developed by W3C  it helps to extend a local knowledge base with other sources like with a wealth of data from the web  E.g. Freebase (Google), E.U., U.S., BBC, BestBuy, GeneOntology etc.
  11. 11. Answers on some FAQs Can I re-use my already existing taxonomies or thesauri in other formats? MARTIF A-Klasse  PoolParty provides Fahrzeugmodelle 7754 6450 a lot of different data importers Gebrauchtwagen 3220 Faszination … 2900 ……  already existing taxonomies can be transformed Transform and consolidated within an enterprise vocabulary
  12. 12. Answers on some FAQs Do we need specially trained thesaurus and Semantic Web experts to use PoolParty?  The SKOS model is an intuitive way to express knowledge about a certain domain  It can be learned by subject-matter experts, not only by mathematicians  PoolParty GUI can be learned within 4hrs.
  13. 13. Answers on some FAQs Which factors determine the cost of creating a corporate thesaurus? application(s) to be improved by the thesaurus scope of domain and size of thesaurus dynamics and volatility of the addressed domain level of domain expertise and overall overview over domain of thesaurus managers volume of existing taxonomies, lists, databases, ….
  14. 14. Answers on some FAQs Why should our company allocate resources to compiling corporate thesauri?  recommender systems  controlled vocabularies  semantic search engines  Improved communication  Reuse existing information  Information in a new context
  15. 15. Learn morePoolParty videos PoolParty Suite Overview PoolParty Thesaurus Manager 3.1 Creating seed vocabularies with SKOSsyDemozone Knowledge discoverer PoolParty Search
  16. 16. Contact Andreas Blumauer CEO, Semantic Web Company +43 1 4021235 a.blumauer@semantic-web.at www.semantic-web.at www.poolparty.bizPartner network