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NPOs and NGOs are acting more-and-more as open data providers for various stakeholders like citizens, enterprises and communities. Linked open data becomes a key concept to meet several demands of information professionals, for instance interoperability and accessibility of data, multilinguality and harmonisation of metadata.

The open data value chain is about to change from a rather simple to a more complex network of data streams which produces new revenue models and more differentiated roles – linked open data plays a central role in this development.

This webinar is about the use of linked open data and controlled vocabularies in the specific enviroments, NGOs and NPOs are working in. Get an overview about the underpinning motivation and concepts which drive the very concrete use cases which will be presented:

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Linked Data for NGO - Andreas Blumauer

  1. 1. Big Data for NGOs/NPOs„linked, not stirred“Andreas BlumauerSemantic Web Companywww.semantic-web.atOctober 9th, 2012
  2. 2. Common interests. Common topics. Water Management
  3. 3. Common vocabulary?Common understanding?Wastewatertreatment Wastewater treatment Water Management
  4. 4. Globalisation + Localisation = Glocalisation Certification Rating(Europe) (U.S.)
  5. 5. Common data?Questions in common?Energy management policies Search Water Management
  6. 6. The Semantic Puzzle
  7. 7. Big Data linked, not stirredWhich policies in the area of renewable energy have helped to initiate projectsand programmes in the agricultural sector which finally have improvedsubstantially the nutritional situation in a certain country?
  8. 8. Linked Vocabularies• Simple Knowledge Organisation System (SKOS) provides several properties for vocabulary linking (mapping): – skos:exactMatch – skos:closeMatch – skos:broadMatch – skos:narrowMatch – skos:relatedMatch 20090818/
  9. 9. Example Liquid hydrogen Liquid hydrogen storageSustainableDevelopment
  10. 10. Different contexts http://dbpedia. org/resource/Li quid_hydrogenskos:exactMatch skos:exactMatch http://susdev http://reegle. .net/thesauru info/glossary/ s/1452 skos:exactMatch 729 prefLabel:Liquid hydrogen prefLabel:liquid hydrogen storage altLabel: Liquid H2 broader: storage technologies broader: Hydrogen storage, related: absorption storage, hydrogen, Hydrogen technologies pressure accumulators related: Fuel efficiency, Fuel cell, Liquefied natural gas
  11. 11. Linked data alignment is keyTools for (semi-)automatic linked data alignment:•SILK -•LIMES -•PoolParty Thesaurus Server -
  12. 12. Querying third-party data in your own language Liquid H2 SearchSustainableDevelopment „liquid hydrogen storage“
  13. 13. Querying your own data & third-party data as it were one single database
  14. 14. Querying structured data and unstructured data in one stepShow me energy-related articles where countries or regionsare mentioned whose wind power production has doubledover the last 10 years. Federated SPARQL Queries Energy News Energy statistics
  15. 15. Example:
  16. 16. Linked Data creates values© Semantic Web Company – 20
  17. 17. „I am happy about any comments – please contact us if you need further information onAndreas Blumauer linked data!“Managing Partnera.blumauer@semantic-web.atSemantic Web Company GmbH Strasse 70/8 http://poolparty.biz1070 ViennaAustria © Semantic Web Company – 21