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Local Link Building #LinkaratiChat with Michael Stricker!

twitter chats are great presentations, check out this deck from our answers to the #linkaratiChat on 5/11

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Local Link Building #LinkaratiChat with Michael Stricker!

  2. 2. What factors should you consider before building links for local business? • Google My Business: Type 1 Location; Service Area or Franchise • Primary Directories • Citation Accuracy, Major DBs • Your own Mobile-Friendly status • Mobile-Friendly status of link partners #LINKARATICHAT
  3. 3. How does locality change your link building processes? • Google Pigeon rewards local links • Local Influence, Local Influencers • Find networks and domains relevant to locals, people in motion, Millennials • Be active and support the community #LINKARATICHAT
  4. 4. What impact, if any, have you seen from Mobilegeddon on local search? • Update complete in all data centers • Re-indexation is not complete • Maintain vigilance (monitor) as change will be a constant #LINKARATICHAT
  5. 5. What alternative outreach methods are available with local link building? • Awards and Contests to local orgs • Egobait to local personalities • Write for local media • Be generous, help firms that are less digitally savvy than yours • Meet and greet • Use Social,find local advertisers, influencers #LINKARATICHAT
  6. 6. How does NAP citations factor into your link building? • Accuracy and consistency is the game • Less emphasis than links for SEO, but still essential • Pigeon may have boosted directories • More Activation help with click-to-call #LINKARATICHAT
  7. 7. How did Pigeon change your local link building? • Even National businesses may require local links, especially bricks’n’clicks • Monitor local SERPs • Check positions on Mobile devices • BOTH your domain and popularity partners #LINKARATICHAT
  8. 8. What are your local link building goals? • Be genuine, earn Word of Mouth • Seek links from domains of local rank • Less about centroid, more accurate • Links are for humans and traffic, first: be relevant, useful, specific, action- able #LINKARATICHAT