Wear Ribbon Pins – Spread Awareness on Diabetes


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November is American Diabetes Month and it's time to raise awareness of diabetes prevention and control. There are many ways you can help the cause, from volunteering to fund raising or simply by wearing awareness ribbon pins, it's up to you how you want to take action!

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Wear Ribbon Pins – Spread Awareness on Diabetes

  1. 1. Wear Ribbon Pins – Spread Awareness on DiabetesDiabetes is a severe illness that affects nearly 25.8 million or 8.3% of the Americanpopulation. Its incidence has been increasing exponentially with every passing year.In the year 2007 alone, almost 250,000 deaths were attributed to Diabetes – directlyor indirectly. Sadly, this figure has been rising every year. However, you cancontribute to the cause and help to create awareness by wearing awareness ribbonpins during American Diabetes Month this November. First of all, it should be realized that amongst the 25.8 million people who are affected by Diabetes, nearly one third of them are not aware of it. Either intentionally or unintentionally, they do not take the occurrence of Diabetes seriously, making the disease’s severity only worse. As such, it is our responsibility to make people conscious about it. You can increase awareness by wearing red ribbons and by educating people in your community about this condition. What you do can help to save lives from potential risk.The American Diabetes Month is filled with events all around the country that notonly call for people who are affected by the disease but also people who do not haveit as well. You should realize that 79 million people have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes; a condition in which some of the symptoms of diabetes are observed. Allthey need to do is avoid factors that only speed up the progress of diabetes. DuringDiabetes Awareness Month, its important to educate these people about what theycan do to prevent contracting the disease which in the medium and long term cansave their lives.Diabetes is not only a deadly disease, but it isalso one which can cause the occurrence ofother life-threatening conditions, such asblindness, heart diseases, foot ulcers, chronicpain, and even kidney failure. Moreover, theoccurrence of heart strokes is often worsenedwhen it occurs in conjunction with high bloodsugar.On the other hand, people suffering from diabetes often become quite depressed.Not being able to do what you want or physical limitations, sometimes make peoplevictim of clinical and chronic depression. In November, you can show to these peoplethat theres hope and that you care by taking part of this national crusade.Whether you have diabetes or not, its very important to support this cause and helpto spread awareness. Therere many ways you can team up for this campaign, from
  2. 2. volunteering, donations, events or simply by wearing red ribbon pins during themonth of November, its up to you how you want to take action!