Self-Adhesive Woven Labels


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Self-Adhesive Woven Labels are the perfect finishing touch to any product! No time for needle and thread application? Simply peel off the backing of your label and place it on your item.

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Self-Adhesive Woven Labels

  1. 1. Self Adhesive Woven LabelsNo time to sew but need labels to add a professional touch to your products fast? There isa solution for you.Our Self-Adhesive Woven Labels only require a simple application process. Adhesive orPeel Off Sticker backed labels are commonly stand-alone that are not exposed toelements, or wash cycles.More commonly, rugs, carpets, upholstery, boxes, shoes, and even furniture are excellentproducts to utilize a self-adhesive label. For temporary use, these labels are useful onitems of clothing: however, they will not uphold within a washing cycle.NOTE: These labels are not permanent and will loose their stickiness overtime. Theyresemble peel and stick name badges which, if re-applied to multiple surfaces, will loose their “stickiness”. The examples in the photo next to us are just a few good ways our customers have used self-adhesive backing with labels to place on their products. These Labels are either straight cut or often ordered on rolls, pre-cut. Folds are not possible. Depending on your logo size will determine how your label will be ordered.For example the Spicy Spice Aprons were small and came on a continuous peel away rollso that each label could be used when needed. Where as the labels wasnot only a bigger label but had some text change that needed to keep each label straightcut.You could even choose an adhesive backing on the simple conclusion that you would likemore re reinforcement with your stitching for a more permanent or versatile attachment.However, a large sewing needle would be needed to break through the material to sew.With the ability to easily apply these labels instantly allows more free time for you towork on more important things such as marketing your product and ordering morematerials.Only woven Damask or Taffeta labels offer the Self-Adhesive backing as the materialbacking would be too heavy for the printed label options we offer. The minimum order isonly 100pieces to start.Please submit a free quote request or contact a sales representative for more informationand samples.