How to Improve Your Employee's Morale and Motivation


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How to Improve Your Employee's Morale and Motivation

  1. 1. How to Improve Your Employees Morale and MotivationIf you are a business owner, you have probably faced before with low employee moraleand motivation. If this is the case, there are a few steps you can take to make someimprovements in these areas, and they probably arent what you are thinking. Manyemployers feel that throwing money at the issue with incentives, bonuses, and raiseswill make an employee motivated and build a better morale. The real answer hasnothing to do with that becausealthough money does help in the shortterm, its not a long term solution.Employees are people just like you, andthe most important thing people want isto be recognized for what they havedone and their achievements. If peopleare recognized for theiraccomplishments in your business, theywill feel part of your team. They will feelthat the whole team recognizes the hard work theyve put into their specific area ofexpertise. The other area is accountability or a sense of ownership for their work. This isimportant because if a person has absolutely no ownership and no responsibility in whatthey do or the services they provide, the quality of work will be affected because thereis no a real motivation which at the end may cause an even lower morale.As stated before, employees want to be recognized for the hard work they have put intotheir jobs. By presenting employee recognition pins, the employee is recognized notonly by his superiors but by the rest of the team as well. This is a very effective methodto boost morale and to raise employee motivation. Moreover, there is something elsethat makes this route even better, and that is a little but healthy competition amongemployees. On the other hand, when an employee is given a task for which they dont have accountability and therefore they are not going to be recognized, it may lead to a poor quality performance mainly because they wont have a desire to excel anddo the best they can.Now, if you change the perspective and tell the employee that the particular projectthey are working on is their "baby" and that the project rises or falls on the work theydo, you will see some immediate changes in morale. Top that off, with the possibility of
  2. 2. being praised with employee recognition pins and you will discover changes within theworkplace you never thought possible.Employees are no different than anyone else, which means regardless of the amount ofmoney you throw at them, if they are not recognized or appreciated in some way, theywill lose morale and motivation will simply be left in the parking lot.