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Go Pink & Support Breast Cancer Survivors!


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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and its time to support the cause. Breast cancer awareness and research lead to longer lives for your friends and family, and that’s worth supporting!

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Go Pink & Support Breast Cancer Survivors!

  1. 1. Breast Cancer Awareness Month: We Can Make A Difference!Breast cancer affects one in eight women in the US. In 2010 alone, a quarter of a million women werediagnosed with breast cancer. Twenty-five percent of those women will die. But grim statistics don’t tellthe whole tale. There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic, and plenty of ways to show your optimism!That’s why this October its time to support the cause. Breast cancer awareness and research lead tolonger lives for your friends and family, and that’s worth supporting! So how can you help with breast cancer awareness? How can you help save lives? The most important thing you can do is just to talk about breast cancer. Amazingly, many women still don’t seek screening and thus do not get treatment soon enough. These women indeed have lower survival rates. What else can you do? Go pink! Today the pink ribbon and the color pink is universally associated with breast cancer. When you wear breast cancer pins or pink ribbon charms or pink bracelets orwhatever you choose, you’re reminding people that there’s hope. You’re reminding people that it’spossible to save lives, and that it’s their responsibility to help save lives. You’re leading the way by takingthat responsibility on yourself: suggesting, asking, imploring, and shaming others into following your lead.You don’t need to put on a pink ribbon every day to create awareness. A great way to create awareness isto put the pink ribbon directly on stuff that you use every day, so you know it will always be there: yourgrocery totes, coffee mugs, jogging caps and backpacks can all “wear” the pink ribbon all the time.When you show your awareness and motivate others to do so, you’ve taken the first step. The next stepis to support research and treatment programs.So how can you support the cause? How can you save evenmore lives?This October is breast cancer awareness month and it’s a greatopportunity to increase both awareness and funding for thecause. Hundreds of events are happening around the world,from the "Avon Walk For Breast Cancer" to "Wear It Pink Day"in the UK, you can participate in events that help save lives.Walkathons bring in millions of dollars for breast cancerresearch and for support for victims. But if walking isn’t yourthing, there are many activities where you can participate, fromgolfing to swimming to biking.Better yet, if you can’t find the right activity for you, you can organize your own! It’s not too late to get anevent up and running this year. Put one together. Challenge people to do something fun. Take the leadand save lives! Whatever you decide to do: Go Pink!