Few essential software for web developer & designers


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Few essential software for web developer & designers

  1. 1. Few Essential Software for WebDeveloper & Designers
  2. 2. Notepad++This is a fantastic piece of open source software which supports so many programminglanguages. Even aside from backend web development you can build full software applications inJava or C++, the list of syntax features is enormous.
  3. 3. NetBeansThis is a free development environment for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The software supports amyriad of syntaxes and also some 3rd party Java/C++/PHP frameworks.
  4. 4. SmultronThe Smultron is a program built for Mac OS X and mobile iOS devices. You can also create newdocuments stored in your iCloud account to retrieve from any computer.
  5. 5. CyberduckNow on the Mac OS X spectrum Cyberduck is definitely the best free FTP software. You can grabthe app right from the Mac App Store on your computer. You can quickly scan your remote serverto detect files and download specific sub-folders. With Cyberduck you can directly connect intocloud storage services like Google Drive and Amazon S3.
  6. 6. GIMP & GimpShopGIMP stands for ‘GNU Image Manipulation Program’. Free and open source to download onWindows and Mac computers. IT is use for the tasks as photo retouching, image composition andimage authoring.GimpShop software is designed to look and feel more similar to Adobe Photoshop. Graphicsdesigners can pick up GimpShop and start practicing if you ever need to work with Adobesoftware. A free software package for editing images, banners, buttons, even complete websitemockups.
  7. 7. InkscapeInkscape is an open source project for working with vector graphics. An free vector graphicseditor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standardScalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.
  8. 8. Greenfish Icon EditorGreenfish Editor use to create icon sets which match your website layouts. These could bedisplayed in your webpage, or even used as a favicon designs. The software is 100% free todownload and runs on all Windows platforms.
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