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Hypospadias. An introduction.


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For introduction to interns regarding hypospadias.

Published in: Health & Medicine

Hypospadias. An introduction.

  1. 1. Hypospadias Part I Waqas Ali
  2. 2. Objectives On completion of this presentation, you should be able to • diagnose various types of hypospadias upon clinical examination • elaborate features to look for in hypospadiac genitalia • decide when to evaluate for a DSD
  3. 3. Classification
  4. 4. Features to look for • Level of hypospadias • Bilateral descended testes • Chordee • Torsion • Glanular cleft • Width of urethral plate
  5. 5. Chordee
  6. 6. Torsion
  7. 7. Disorder of sexual differentiation  Rule of 2/3 If any of two of three genital structures are abnormal then evaluate for DSD e.g. Hypospadias with unilateral UDT • Kaefer M, Diamond D, Hendren WH, et al. The incidence of intersexuality in children with cryptorchidism and hypospadias: stratification based on gonadal palpability and meatal position. J Urol 1999;162:1003 –6
  8. 8. ?