Chapter 14 introduction


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Chapter 14 introduction

  1. 1. Chapter 14 (Wallwork)Review of the LiteratureWhat key skills are needed when writing a Review of the Literature? - Right amount of literature regarding the sequence of events leading up to the current situation. - Usefulness of the literature o Systematically elaborate the achievements and limitations of other studies o Relate your new facts and data to these studies - Length variesHow should I structure my review of the literature? - What are the seminal works on my topic? Do I need to mention these? - What progress has been made since these seminal works? - What are the most relevant recent works? What is the best order to mention these works? - What are the achievements and limitations of these recent works? - What gap do these limitations reveal? - How does my work intend to fill this gap?How should I begin my literature review? How can I structure it to show progress through theyears? - First sentence introduces the main topic. - Support from the literature. - Mini summary - Introduction to the next topic. And so on. 1
  2. 2. What is the clearest way to refer to the authors? Should I focus on the authors or their ideas? - Blinco (1992) found… - Blinco (1992, p. 45) said, “The Japanese kids are smarter…”What tenses should I use? - Present (Laws, theorems, definitions, proofs, lemmas etc.). - Present Perfect (Ongoing research). - Past Simple o The year of publication is stated within the main sentence (i.e., not just in brackets). Example: In 1992, Bianco found… o Approaches and Methods that have been probably been abandoned. o The exact date when something was written (Proved).How can I reduce the amount I write when reporting the literature?Original Revised Long sentences = poor readability In all languages Long sentences…Roman period Author-centerednessHow can I talk about limitations of previous work and the novelty of my work in a constructiveand diplomatic way?Never done before: - As far as we know, there are no studies on…Others’ limitations: - Generally speaking patients’ perceptions are seldom considered.Chapter 8 and 9 for more information about how to state contributions and limitations. 2
  3. 3. Summary: How can I assess the quality of my literature review? - Have I mentioned only what my readers specifically need to know and what I will subsequently refer to the Discussion? - Are the papers I have mentioned in a logical order? Is it clear why have I chosen these papers and no others? - Have I selected a disproportionate number of papers from my own country? - Have I removed any redundancies when reporting the literature? - Have I used tenses correctly? 3