Crowdsourcing - use the power of the crowd (Yannig Roth, eYeka and Sorbonne)


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Crowdsourcing has become an integral part of the advertising production process and it is shifting the advertising industry towards openness.

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  • Convincing mums that "Dirt is good" With "Dirt is good", Unilever would like to free mums from their laundry worries and show them that dirt and stains should be embraced for a well-balanced childhood. How should Unilever communicate that message?- See more at:
  • Boosting Schick's ROI with "titanium-grade" videos With limited A&P budget, Schick Quattro was looking to target young men online to reinforce its association with "titanium" and dramatize the difference it can make, to drive user engagement and sharing. ROMI: lowest cost-to-conversion of 54% v. historical average- See more at:
  • Underlinethat eYeka offersguaranteed ROI and amplification throughUnruly Media
  • Crowdsourcing - use the power of the crowd (Yannig Roth, eYeka and Sorbonne)

    1. 1. Crowdsourcing Use the power of the crowd @YannigRoth Research Fellow @eYeka PhD student @SorbonneParis1
    2. 2. Crowdsourcing “Tapping into the power of many“ R. Dawson
    3. 3. Crowdsourcing “Crowdsourcing is a type of participative online activity in which an individual, an institution, a nonprofit organization, or company proposes to a group of individuals of varying knowledge, heterogeneity, and number, via a flexible open call, the voluntary undertaking of a task [which] always entails mutual benefit. The user will receive the satisfaction of a given type of need [...] while the crowdsourcer will obtain and utilize to their advantage that what the user has brought to the venture“ E. Estellés-Arolas & F. González Ladrón-de-Guevara
    4. 4. Crowdsourcing 1. A company posts a problem online 2. A vast number of individuals offer 3. 4. solutions The winning ideas are rewarded The company uses the output for its own gain D. Brabham
    5. 5. The Contest Era - “Long before the term crowdsourcing or even the Internet existed, Pillsbury was running the Bakeoff to engage consumers in the brand, generate public awareness, and identify creative uses of their products” (Parvanta, Roth & Keller, 2013) - The book and the film The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio features a lot of other examples: Chevrolet, Colgate, Dr Pepper, Heinz, Kleenex, Lipton, Lucky Strike, Purina…
    6. 6. More recent history of crowdsourcing
    7. 7. Crowdsourcing by World's Best Global Brands (Timeline, data from July 2013)
    8. 8. VOLVIC: “Restyle the 50cl water bottle” FMCG: “Create the best baby milk for working mums in China” FMCG: “What does this gum say about you that no other gum conveys?” KRAFT: “Tell us what is unique about MiniOreo” GILLETTE: “Men, what is the ideal shop for you?” BEVERAGE: “Create a new drinking experience for our new whisky in China” AUTOMOTIVE: “How would you move around in 20 years?” FMCG: “Invent the future of digital scents” FINANCE: “Imagine the credit card of the future” COCA-COLA: “Illustrate Energizing Refreshment in your own style” HYUNDAI: “Shows us how Veloster challenges conventions”
    9. 9. BEVERAGE: “Create a new drinking experience for our new whisky in China” GILLETTE: “Men, what is the ideal shop for you?” VOLVIC: “Restyle the 50cl water bottle” UNILEVER: “Invent the shower of the future” KRAFT: “Tell us what is unique about Mini-Oreo” CITROËN: “Personalize the DS3’s roof, mirror, dashboard and wheel rims” HYUNDAI: “Shows us how Veloster challenges conventions” COCA-COLA: “Illustrate Energizing Refreshment in your own style”
    10. 10. Ideas Content
    11. 11. IDEA noun ī-ˈ dē-ə, -ˈ also ˈī dē-ə or ˈī dēə -(ˈ) dē A thought, plan, or suggestion about what to do
    12. 12. “Tell us an unconventional and surprising story about how a resourceful mum creatively teaches her child(ren) an important lesson, through dirt and stains.”
    13. 13. (login needed)
    14. 14. Ideas Content
    15. 15. CONTENT noun ˈ kän-ˈtent The principal substance offered by a World Wide Web site
    16. 16. “Show us how Titanium can give you an unexpected edge by transforming an object in your life into a stronger and more durable “Titanium” version.”
    17. 17. #1 Design Category Creator: LucasOttoMuller Country: Argentina Gender: Male
    18. 18. #3 Design Category Creator: Yunganghui Country: South Korea Gender: Female
    19. 19. eYeka 21% VTR Evangelion eYeka had the lowest cost to conversion across all campaigns (current and past): 54% vs. historical 17.1% VTR
    20. 20. The Future?
    21. 21. A shift in innovation and marketing Gartner sees a massive shift toward applications of crowdsourcing in advertising, online communities, scientific problem solving, internal new product ideas, and consumer-created products: - “By 2017, more than half of consumer goods manufacturers will receive 75% of their consumer innovation and R&D capabilities from crowdsourced solutions” - “Consumer goods companies that employ crowdsourced solutions in marketing campaigns or new product development will enjoy a 1 percent revenue boost over noncrowdsourced competitors by 2015”
    22. 22. A shift in content production Digital video took in $1.3 billion in revenue during the first six months of 2013, which represents an uptick of 24% over the first half of 2012, at $1.1 billion - “Digital video delivers avid viewership and strong brand-building opportunities.” Just 10% felt video has had little impact on their overall marketing ROI, hence about 70% of surveyed marketers said they will increase spending on video marketing in 2013
    23. 23. More people
    24. 24. More proofs
    25. 25. More partnerships
    26. 26. Food for thought • • • • • • Brabham, D. C. (2013). Crowdsourcing. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press Dawson, R. (2012). Getting Results From Crowds: The definitive guide to using crowdsourcing to grow your business (2nd ed.) Howe, J. (2008). Crowdsourcing: Why the Power of the Crowd Is Driving the Future of Business. Crown Business Lebraty, J.-F., & Lobre-Lebraty, K. (2013). Crowdsourcing. London: ISTE Ltd and John Wiley & Sons Inc. Roth, Y., & Kimani, R. (2014). Crowdsourcing in the Production of Video Advertising: The emerging roles of crowdsourcing platforms. In R. J. DeFillippi & P. Wikström (Eds.), International Perspectives on Business Innovation and Disruption in the Creative Industries: Film, Video, Photography. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. Texeira, T. (2013, June). How to Profit From “Lean Advertising.” Harvard Business Review, (June).