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The Future Of On-Demand Services (Semil Shah)


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Closing remarks on "The Future Of On-Demand Services" by Semil Shah, delivered at the On Demand Conference on May 19, 2015 in San Francisco, CA:

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The Future Of On-Demand Services (Semil Shah)

  1. 1. THE FUTURE OF ON-DEMAND T H E O N - D E M A N D C O N F E R E N C E M A Y 1 9 , 2 0 1 5 | S A N F R A N C I S C O @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  2. 2. ON-DEMAND: A QUICK OVERVIEW YESTERDAY Pigeons Telegrams Telephones Google Mobile Apps TOMORROW Voice Devices Beacons Messaging Anticipatory Point of Sale Mobile APIs “demand generation” @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  3. 3. ON-DEMAND: THEORY OF CALL AVOIDANCE Google search still required a phone call... Now apps make it so we don’t have to call anyone. API calls replace phone calls. No wonder it works! @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  4. 4. ON-DEMAND: VOICE INPUT “We need an Uber to head to the movies.” Amazon Echo @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  5. 5. ON-DEMAND: DEVICE INPUT Amazon Dash Button Imagine an Uber button near your front door... @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  6. 6. ON-DEMAND: KEYCHAIN? This is the next “wearable” I want to see... @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  7. 7. ON-DEMAND: WATCH INPUT @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  8. 8. ON-DEMAND: THE OLD IS NEW @semil@semil Monday, May 18, 15
  9. 9. ON-DEMAND TRIGGERS: LOCATION Imagine Uber beacons (by Estimote) in building lobbies... @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  10. 10. ON-DEMAND TRIGGERS: MOTION Imagine Uber anticipating a request based on your movement... @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  11. 11. ON-DEMAND TRIGGERS: POINT OF SALE Imagine Uber anticipating a request via Apple Pay... @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  12. 12. ON-DEMAND, VIA MESSAGING FB Messenger & Whatsapp are the new mobile browsers @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  13. 13. ON-DEMAND, VIA SMS Texting provides a new channel for apps, search.... @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  14. 14. ON-DEMAND, VIA SLACK Slack seems so pervasive, I just assume one can do anything with it... @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  15. 15. ON-DEMAND: MOBILE APIS Uber works with Button to help spread APIs across apps.... @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  16. 16. BRANDS, ON-DEMAND Sign up for priority in SF @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  17. 17. NEW CUSTOMERS: BUSINESS Boomtown offers on-demand tech support to businesses... @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  18. 18. NEW TYPES OF CUSTOMERS NEW ISSUES • Will we have new types of on-demand customers? • ...such as, for healthcare? • ...or, for government services? • While, new delivery platforms/APIs emerge... • And, the industry ponders consolidation, wrestles with worker rights, and grinds to improve unit economics. @semil Monday, May 18, 15
  19. 19. THANK YOU! @semil Monday, May 18, 15