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Construction in Surrey affecting environment


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Construction in Surrey affecting environment

  1. 1. By Maro Lee
  2. 2. New houses in South Surrey are notuncommon sights these days.
  3. 3. After the houses are built, signs foradvertisement are put up around the vicinity.
  4. 4. Numbers of new houses under constructioncan be found in many parts of Surrey.
  5. 5. But in order to create space for the constructionto take place, countless numbers of trees arecut down.
  6. 6. Once a field teeming with trees, all plantshave been cleared out.
  7. 7. Empty fields cover this region of Surrey.
  8. 8. Another area in South Surrey is reserved toconstruct even more houses, which will againharm the vegetation without doubt.
  9. 9. The diverse vegetation will soon be damaged.