Linked In Letter #2 Justified


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Linked In Letter #2 Justified

  1. 1. Greetings From Dallas Texas!Thank you in advance for taking 5 minutes to read this as I want to be impactful in earningyour trust. I desire a long term business relationship that will significantly improve your bottomline, our marketplace awareness and proud results amongst our clientele. I am very detailed,direct, transparent, reciprocal and operate with extremely high integrity. Ultimately, if what youread below is true, which it is, then you will be extremely enthusiastic that we work togethertowards the same goal in 2012 and years to come. That’s my goal and hope to see it becomeyours.I am very eager to speak to your entire region, office, or otherwise team on a conference call ifyou see that as a value.In 2012, it is a fact that you will have much more difficulty in closing loans. It DOES NOT haveto be that way. The laws, guidelines, stipulations and rules are ever evolving, and not for “your”good, or your clients. Buying a home is the biggest investment 99% of the population will evermake. I’m sending you this long note so you are at least “armed” with some of the facts, and areliable way to work together in maintaining your business in an ever increasingly difficultclimate. Frankly, it will likely get worse before it gets better.As you likely know, we recently became connected on LinkedIn. You may remember from aconversation we’ve had or the National Football League information, which we are indeedpartnered with. All my connections (1907) are within the “Real Estate” circle as our servicedirectly impacts that process and progress. Yes, we do credit repair and I’m sure you’ve heard itall before and had misled promises. I know that because in the past few months I have spokenwith multitudes of people in your industry personally. It’s what I do all day, every day, and Ilove it. I will not mislead you, or your clients. Afterall that is counter-intuitive to my goals. Testmy resolve and integrity please. The truth is, we may have already spoken but you have yet to trywhat I’m offering. However, the same questions and concerns come up in every conversation soI thought I would lay it out as it pertains to our process and our uniqueness.We are indeed in the 5%-10% range of credit repair companies that do NOT send the dreadeddispute letters. 90%-95% simply send those letters every month, thus tarnishing a great consumerservice. Those letters quickly become frivolous to the three bureaus and fill your clients reportwith dispute codes and deliver poor results. Moreover, the timeliness is not conducive to yourclient’s goals, and your own, in closing on a home.Here are a few things that you need to know about our service:1. Our program is only 6 months! In most cases, we get your client’s score where it needs to bein half that time. It depends on the repair needed. I AM YOUR QUARTERBACK, pun intended.You only have to go through me and that’s it. I create a user account for you where you can viewyour clients, and their progress, whenever you desire. But overall you get me at your beckon call.2. We audit the bureaus all at once, and at the same time, right out of the gaits. These auditsbypass the $10 per hour clerk that “dispute letters” go to. They get directly to the ConsumerAffairs, or Legal Compliance Departments. This is key and we know how to do that. Our owner,James Charlet, worked in Legal and Compliance for Experian many years so he knows how toget this done. Highly uncommon!3. These audits are 15-20 point verification audits which force, through the credit laws written byCongress, the departments to reach out to each creditor in a timely manner (30-45 days), not theperceived 30 day myth. These are by design to ensure accuracy and consistency across allagencies. There is very low hanging fruit here, thus quick results! 79% of credit reports have
  2. 2. multitudes of inaccuracies and inconsistencies.4. Phase two in the audits begins after we get the phase one results back, which are sent to yourclient by the way. Once received, we audit them again, except on different criteria. It is veryimportant to note this because anything (like dispute letters) sent twice is considered frivolous tothe bureaus. Are you starting to see the difference?5. Phase three is auditing the “original” creditors, assuming only what is left on the report.Although we do deal with collection companies, it is far better to go after the original creditor.They have sold off the account and have no skin in the game any longer by law.6. We educate/consult your client and help them establish accounts if need be. Sometimes, whenyou remove all the negative, there is not enough positive left. They need positive trade lines asyou know.By the way, we completely prepare and send out the first wave of audits before your clientis charged. Up front fees are illegal.We have three rules:1. Do not be late on anything while in the program.2. Do not apply for new credit unless otherwise told to, by us, or the lender.3. Send back your audit results in a timely manner.If you see more than 2-3 applicants a month that do not qualify then our service WILL have ahugely positive impact on your business. Some see that every day, others in reverse andwholesale never do. Whether you are ready to test drive me or not, I value you as a contact. Thereason is because I want to also help people with specific needs in the Real Estate circle. I won’tinundate you with emails I promise, but tell your coworkers and friends please. I work solely onreferrals so know that you will be treated with the utmost importance, respect and timeliness. Ialways answer my phone. If I am on another call, you will get called back within one hour. IGUARANTEE THAT!!I was reading reviews today online about credit repair companies and it inspired me to write this.Check it out for yourself. It’s under search words “best credit repair companies”. We are at #23.While I will not speak directly about the competition, we are NOT a sponsor. Go pull up whatpeople say about us, mostly Loan Originators. It’s powerful and has substance! Most commentson competitors do not (my opinion only) and the source is questionable.I love my new position/industry and ask that you give me a chance. I will not let you down.Thank you for taking the time once again to read this as I truly desire your trust, business andloyalty in a reciprocal manner for years to come. However, like the many who are using mycompany already say, “let’s walk before we run”. Very true.......My Best!Written by Steve Emerson, Business Development Manager for CRE Credit Services, 214.907.4146