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Good Afternoon


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Good Afternoon

  1. 1. Good Day!Thank you for recently accepting my invite. Please take a moment and view my profile. Iam in business development for a national credit restoration firm, CRE Credit Services(Consultation-Restoration-Education). WE RECENTLY HAVE GOTTEN ANATIONAL PARTNERSHIP WITH THE NFL as part of their "Player EngagementProgram". I am one of the few that will directly present to the players and employeesregarding financial power restoration twice annually.I mention this only because it lends massive credibility in our firm as the NFL is hugelydifficult to get in with (took 4 years) and we intend on nurturing and protecting thatrelationship!Due to the highly guarded security of their high profile members, the NFLhas only allowed two entities to interface with their organization, until now;1.NFL Certified Sports Agents2.NFL Certified Financial Advisers / Money Wealth ManagersSince we didnt fit into either category there had to be an exhaustedbackground investigation into, not only CRE, but into the field of ourservices; Consultation, Restoration & Education of credit.Our core business is "credit repair" and Ive come to find there are many of thesecompanies out there. I apologize if you get approached routinely. I am new to theindustry but flourished in my previous career with TruGreen for 23 years. As you know,reputation and referrals are paramount and I am trying to establish exactly THAT in amultitude of regions with Realtors and Lenders. Its not exactly easy, as you know.Here are just a few things that set us apart from 95% of credit repair companies:1. We are owned by an ex Experian Legal Executive, James Charlet. Our methods arevery unique, as he knows the secrets!2. WE DONT SEND DISPUTE LETTERS! They wield poor results and harm yourclient more than help them. We audit the bureaus and creditors for accuracy, whichdelivers a 50% delete rate in the first few months on average and over 70% overall.3. Our goal is to get the vast amount of your clients back to you once they get qualified. Iwould say "all of them" but when dealing with people there are no guarantees.4. We create a web "portal" for you to have visibility into each of your clients as itpertains to progress. I have a team of consultants that are the "A" players that I assignyour referrals to. The consultation is FREE and we assess realistic expectations.5. Its only a 6-month program that includes 7 steps. Its NOT a month after monthprogram that goes on forever! In most cases we can get the desired results for you toclose in 60-90 days. Overall, our objective is to not just get them qualified but well
  2. 2. qualified and back to the referral source.6. We reciprocate!!! I will send the people I do business with our own referrals! We get alarge amount of Internet leads with no Realtor/Lender relationship. Reciprocal!7. I will offer a "small" sampling (3-4) of Loan Officer/Realtor choices to NFL players.The small sample is to ensure we are within the rules governing our NFL relationship.8. Excellent communication! Your clients will not get lost in the shuffle! You have yourown web portal for your clients.9. We are partnered with a specialized Tax Attorney Group as well for tax issues on thecredit report. We can also get "dispute codes" removed quickly for your underwriters.These are what are left on when sending dispute letters, as you know, which anybodywith a computer can do.10. WE ARE LICENSED AND BONDED IN 48 STATES, INCLUDING LOUISIANA,WHICH IS RARE!Tax liens, late pays, bankruptcy, collections, medical, judgments, etc are all things we aresuccessful with. Bad things happen to good people every day!Our website is www.CREcreditservices.comMy number is 214.907.4146 and email is semerson@CRErepair.comI would love an opportunity to talk more. Everyone could use us but I also know thatmany want immediate gratification and dont see the value of every client. You may notbe able to get them through today but its very wise to "stack the runway!"Thanks so much and I hope to hear from you.