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A more detailed description of the site and its pages and the main features of the site

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Semel Website More Detail

  1. 1. Research! Information! Core activity! Centers/Programs! Point of reference: leverage Education! core information and functionality! Web features! Health! Communicate our activity!
  2. 2. Search box! Login using UCLA Online ID! Grey header bar – common to every page in site; links to home page, faculty/staff Core activity – bar not shown directory, visitor guide, events on ʻGroupʼ sites! calendar, news and gifting! Animated slideshow – can link to pages + news articles! Most recent news and Most pages have been upcoming events! tagged with either neuropsychiatric conditions, or specific research areas – links to index of significant pages! Mini sitemap footer – repeated on every page! UCLA links! Help and glossary! Bookmarking widget!
  3. 3. Lightweight site – with projected content needed for mobile audience.! Can only navigate 2 levels down before ʻfullʼ site pages are rendered! Many common devices will be automatically directed from the Semel home page
  4. 4. Participation Participation Publications opportunities Participation Research Publications opportunities Presentations Publications (IRB andParticipation recruitment) opportunities Project Presentations Publications (IRB and recruitment) opportunities Presentations (IRB and recruitment) (Grant)! Presentations (IRB and recruitment)
  5. 5. Publication! Data populated from Project overview PubMed or DOI! (grant abstract) and list of objectives! Links: EndNote, PubMed and Google Scholar! Project dates and links to other websites! Investigators – linked Project Recruitment! to public profile pages! Participation opportunity for the public! List of publications and project findings! Opportunity shown:! • Under relevant project! List of IRB-approved • On Program/Center site! participation • On Semel master list of opportunities! opportunities! Removed when IRB renewal date passed! IRB-approved flyer attached!
  6. 6. Needs:! •  List all courses, programs, lectures! •  Optionally contain date/time and venue information! •  Application/eligibility details! •  Facilitate signups (seminars etc)! •  Allow faculty to attach reference material to each page for students (PDF, presentations etc)! •  Cross-reference to Faculty profiles, DSM4, Semel Course Catalogue and Residents/Fellows curriculum!
  7. 7. Overview! List of objectives and evaluation method! Link to Director/ Instructor profile page! Application! Date/time info to link to Process, pre-reqs etc; calendars (can add can also attach forms! repeats)! Venue! Student Resources! Address + phone no! URLs, publications, Embedded map + links! embedded slideshows. Attached files (pdf, ppt…) are login protected in this section! Course admin details! Optional Signup! Full RSVP and 5 star rating (login attendee management! required)!
  8. 8. Needs:! •  List all training clinics and full/partial programs! •  Contain hours, booking/referral, patient directions and general information! •  Aggregate views of all Semel/Psychiatry/Resnick services; searchable by conditions! •  Cross-reference to Faculty profiles and DSM4!
  9. 9. Overview! Description of service! Booking, referral and availability! Venue! Address + phone no! Embedded map + links! Director and clinical team (cross-references to profile)!
  10. 10. Mini-websites:! •  Content managed by Center/Program! •  Membership controlled by Group admin! •  Can post public and private (ie, Members-only) pages! •  Combines public website and [private] collaborative intranet! Announcements*! Announcements*! Media features! Announcements*! Media features! Announcements*! Groups! Events*! Media features! Announcements*! Events*! Media features! Directory! Events*! Media features! Directory! Events*! Research Training Service! Forums*! Directory! Events*! Forums*! Directory! projects! programs! Wikis*! Forums*! Directory! Wikis*! Forums*! Multimedia! Wikis*! Forums*! Multimedia! Wikis*! Participate! Multimedia! Wikis*! Multimedia! * Public or private (intranet)! Multimedia! * Public or private (intranet)!
  11. 11. Simple navigation system to create and Page elements manage content – controlled by Semel controlled by Group. web admin! Only visible to logged- in Group members! Central page content created/managed by Group admin! Aggregated lists:! • Pages created by Group! • Block layout controlled by Semel web admin!
  12. 12. Feature! Examples! News!! ! Calendar! ! ! Event signup! ! Mapping! ! ! Research! ! Directory! ! ! Courses! ! ! Services! ! ! Publications! ! ! Video/Audio! ! ! Slideshows! ! FAQ! ! ! Webforms! (login reqd)! Live Chat! (login reqd)! Other layouts! ! !
  13. 13. 1.  Log in with UCLA Online ID at ! 2.  Validate user account (see for more info)! 3.  Join a ʻGroupʼ – either by registration key or center/program administrator! 4.  Create online content! 5.  It is recommended you use Firefox, Chrome or Safari as your browser if you wish to edit pages!
  14. 14. 1.  Comprehensive guides at ! 2.  When logged in, use ʻFeedbackʼ button if really stuck to send message to site admin (also captures your Browser, OS and the page details)! 3.  Schedule a live chat session with site admin!