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Fraud Shield Overview


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Overview of key capabilites of the Clear Commerce Fraudshield Application

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Fraud Shield Overview

  1. 1. Protect+Serve Introducing ClearCommerce® FraudShield® The Risk Management Challenge Merchants must protect their revenue andprofits from this risk of: The continued evolution of online commerce presents merchants Virtually anonymous purchasers with new opportunities for revenue and order-processing efficiency. Vulnerability to technology-assisted fraud Doing business in card-not-present (CNP) sales channels also Cost and inefficiency of manual order verification exposes merchants to the risk of significant financial loss due to Ever increasing sophistication of fraud schemes and tools fraudulent orders. Networks of organized criminals that attack in lightning fast, multi-million dollar strikes are victimizing merchants. Growing threat of well-organized networks of criminals 11601 Roosevelt Blvd. (TA-06) | St. Petersburg, FL 33716 | 1-866-894-0807 toll-free | e-mail | > click check services > e-commerce SECURE PAYMENT PROCESSING + FRAUD MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS + CUSTOMIZABLE MANAGED SERVICES
  2. 2. The FraudDetect Database tomize them to meet specific business used to block transactions based on prior Availability Fraudulent Shipping Addresses The FraudShield® ASP service is based on needs and optimize detection results. These fraud attempts or chargebacks. Positive lists Database of known fraudulent address- Comparison of order with characteristics of rules are based on any combination of order are used to streamline the approval of trans- a state-of-the-art, high-availability infra- es can be used to screen for cases of known fraud increases accuracy of fraud detec- detail data fields and built-in functions. actions for trusted customers. structure, providing 24x7 monitoring and repeat fraud. tion. The FraudDetect Database includes the fol- management, leveraging fault tolerance, lowing data sources, assembled and maintained Rule Weighting Order Review SNMP publishing, server management and Card BIN Database by ClearCommerce/Certegy, designed to FraudShield® provides flexibility to manage Rule weighting is a first-of-its-kind feature, fail-over capabilities to maximize uptime. Includes 60,000 Bank Identification enhance detection of fraudulent orders: developed by ClearCommerce/Certegy, suspicious transactions; transactions iden- Numbers (BINs). Identifies issuing that enables users to easily create a cus- tified as potentially fraudulent may be Security bank and card number country. Allows Compromised Credit Card Numbers FraudShield® includes data encryption, tomized transaction “scorecard” for rejected outright, inspected on-screen or screening of cards issued from certain Valid credit card numbers posted in chat assessing fraud risk by assigning numeric placed in a “pending” state for further multi-user authentication and rights high-risk countries. Validates address rooms and on websites that are frequented Protect values or weights to the business-specific review by risk management staff with the management and transaction auditing information provided by cardholder. by fraudsters. Numbers that can be cross- ClearCommerce® RapidReviewerTM prod- screening rules that they have established. within a PCI/CISP certified ASP hosted checked by merchants against card num- Rule weighting improves fraud detection uct. The user interface also enables track- environment, as well as PA-DSS certifica- bers from current orders. The ClearCommerce® Solution accuracy by providing a customized trans- ing of chargebacks or other subsequent tion for the software version to ensure Profits The ClearCommerce® solution is the most action risk score based on how many and losses associated with the transaction. mission-critical data is secured. Area, Exchange, ZIP + Exchange more importantly, which rules are triggered. This tracking provides a total picture of accurate and effective solution to protect Validation Comprehensive Fraud Tools—The Basics each transaction’s screening, approval and against the threat of fraud attacks, increase Complete list of valid area codes and com- The ClearCommerce® FraudShield® solution Authorization Checks outcome for future analysis. revenue, and improve the profitability of binations for U.S. phone numbers. FraudShield® incorporates issuer-side verifi- An Overview offers the industry’s most extensive arsenal CNP sales channels. Validation of whether the phone number ClearCommerce® FraudShield® integrates a cation services like the Address Verification Fraud Services of fraud technologies, from the basic tools provided by a customer is a valid area A Proven Partner Service (AVS) and Card Verification and services you need to begin your fraud comprehensive and powerful arsenal of fraud code/ exchange combination. Cross-vali- The following fraud services are available in combination with FraudShield ®, to help Methods (CVM), which can also be provid- prevention efforts, through advanced capa- When your CNP business requires a proven detection technologies to create a flexible dation of locales obtained from IP ed externally for customers using in-house bilities utilizing leading-edge technologies. partner with the most comprehensive platform that can be easily customized to Geolocation, area code, ZIP code and control the cost of effectively fighting fraud: payment gateways. The following basic tools are offered: suite of payment processing and fraud specific merchant business requirements. ship-to/mail-to addresses. management services available in the GeoLocator International IP Location + Enterprise-Class Solution Velocity Checks Control Panel industry, give us a call and let us get Proxy Servers and Anonymizers NetWork Connectivity The control center for the FraudShield® The FraudShield® solution offers the same Merchants can create velocity checks to started on demonstrating our commitment Often used by fraudsters to mask the GeoLocator is a valuable screening tool screen orders for any captured data field, solution is a flexible rules engine that to your results. benefits to large and small merchants. location or country from which they are for international fraud, which accounts for for example credit card number, email enables implementation of an automated Whether you take advantage of the placing orders. Can be crossed by mer- almost 40% of fraudulent transactions; CommercePointeTM hosting environment or address, Internet Protocol (IP) address, screening process, which can be config- chants against the IP addresses from GeoLocator identifies the city, state, etc., to identify repeat occurrences across ured specifically for the merchant’s busi- install the software in your own environ- orders to identify customers who may be region and country of the originating IP ment, the ClearCommerce® solution offers a series of transactions over time. Velocity ness. A Web-based interface allows a busi- attempting to place fraudulent orders address. In addition, network service and CLEARCOMMERCE® + CERTEGY checks serve as a tool for recognizing ness user to easily design, deploy and the following: through an anonymizer. connectivity information of the con- order patterns indicative of fraud and cata- update the screening process in real-time sumer’s IP address further profile the 11601 Roosevelt Blvd. (TA–06) loging information from orders triggering with no transaction processing downtime Reliability Satellite Providers order being made. Users can create rules, St. Petersburg, FL 33716 FraudShield® provides transaction check- velocity checks. and no assistance from IT staff. Providers of global Internet access are often for example, to filter transactions origi- 1–866-894-0807 toll–free pointing, exception handling, detailed used by fraudsters for Internet access from nating from locations with high rates of e-mail Negative and Positive Databases Sophisticated Business Rules logging and critical shutdown features, foreign countries. Can be used to identify fraud, or with billing or shipping address- > click check services FraudShield® can easily create and manage Through the control center, the user can cre- which protect transaction integrity even orders originating via a satellite connection es to locations different from the originat- > e-commerce negative and positive lists. Negative lists are ate any number of screening rules, cus- under fault conditions. to avoid fraudulent orders. ing IP addresses. SECURE PAYMENT PROCESSING + FRAUD MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS + CUSTOMIZABLE MANAGED SERVICES SECURE PAYMENT PROCESSING + FRAUD MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS + CUSTOMIZABLE MANAGED SERVICES