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Docker Logging Webinar


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Sematext's DevOps Evangelist, Stefan Thies (@seti321), takes a Docker Logging tour through the different log collection options Docker users have, the pros and cons of each, specific and existing Docker logging solutions, tooling, the role of syslog, log shipping to ELK Stack, and more. Q&A session at end.

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Docker Logging Webinar

  1. 1. Docker Logging Webinar 20% OFF 201509WNR20S 201509WNR20L
  2. 2. Housekeeping / Questions
  3. 3. Intro Logsene: Centralized Log Management Search and Big Data Consulting Support for Solr and Elasticsearch SPM: Performance monitoring, Anomaly Detection and Alerting
  4. 4. SPM - Performance Monitoring
  5. 5. Logsene - Log Management
  6. 6. Agenda ● Centralized Log Management ● Docker - What is different? ○ Challenges ○ How to ■ Log Drivers ■ Logging Containers ■ Sematext Solutions
  7. 7. Centralized Log Management error: No space left on device /dev/... ? warn: Transaction “order_product” failed!
  8. 8. a few steps to go ... Log Shippers Centralized Log Management / Logsene Server, Container, Application Use JSON, Luke
  9. 9. Structured Data
  10. 10. Docker Logging Challenges ● Access Logs ● Log Forwarding to central data stores ● Log Parsing ● Deployment of Logging Tools ○ Containers on local Host ○ Separate Hosts ○ SaaS
  11. 11. What are Docker Logs? ● Traditionally separate files for each Application and Log-Type ○ error.log ○ access.log ● Docker Logs are stdout / stderr of processes running in a container ● Most official images log to console
  12. 12. Mixed Log Formats in one Container
  13. 13. Docker Logging Options - Docker Log Drivers - json-file, syslog, fluentd, journald, gelf - Docker API based Logging Containers - Logspout - Sematext Docker Container - Custom images with installed log shipper (syslog)
  14. 14. Docker Log Drivers Cons: - No Log Parser - only Log Forwarding - “docker logs” command works only with Log-Driver “JSON-files” - Containers terminate when the TCP Server (e.g. syslog or fluentd) is not reachable - No TLS encryption for syslog Pros: - Simple way to forward logs to remote destinations - Setup per container or global setting for Docker
  15. 15. Example: Log Drivers # Start a syslog server :) logagent -u 1514 -y -t af648d4f-xxxx-xxxx-8ec0-fcb33f884f57 # Start a Web Server with TCP syslog -> container terminates docker run -d --name my_web_app -p 80:80 --log-driver=syslog --log-opt syslog- address=tcp://localhost:1514 httpd # Start a Web Server with UDP syslog -> container starts docker run -d --name my_web_app -p 80:80 --log-driver=syslog --log-opt syslog- address=udp://localhost:1514 httpd # run docker logs -> fails docker logs my_web_app > logsene search http
  16. 16. Logging Containers: Logspout Pros: - Logging does not affect app container - ANSI Escape Sequence removal - TLS support - Real-time View with HTTP API - Config for Filters and Syslog-Tags - Log-Driver Files / journald Logs are available on the Host Cons: - Logging Container must be online - Only forwarding, no Log Parser, rsyslog could be used for parsing - Limited to log collection
  17. 17. Logspout HTTP View
  18. 18. Logging Containers: SPM for Docker Pros: - ANSI Escape Sequence handling - TLS by default - Near Real-time View in UI - Filters by regex for Image, Container Names - Structured Logs with included Log-Parser and Pattern Library - Collects Logs, Metrics and Events - Hosted ELK Stack in Logsene Cons: - Logging container must be online
  19. 19. Demo docker run -d --name sematext-agent -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v $PWD/patterns.yml:/etc/logagent/patterns.yml -e HOSTNAME=$HOSTNAME -e LOGSENE_TOKEN=53a6c7e7-xxxx-4725-962e-ea47cebxxx -e SPM_TOKEN=fe31fc3a-xxxx-47c6-b83c-be376bfxxx sematext/spm-agent-docker docker run --name webapp -p 80:80 httpd siege localhost:80/unknow_page.html logsene search error
  20. 20. Logs Logsene Token Metrics + Events Docker logs on CoreOS Web UI Sematext Container Logsene (https) SPM (https) Log forwarding service stores status in etcd Logging Gateway (TCP 9000) Docker Daemon API / unix-socket Events Metrics Logs etcd journald Configuration in etcd - Logsene Token - SPM Token Logging gateway port, Logging status per host Journald Logs SPM Token
  21. 21. Containerized Monitoring & Logging SPM Performance Monitoring and Logsene Metrics, Events and Logs
  23. 23. Mixed Log Formats in one Container
  24. 24. Parsed Logs from a mixed stream
  25. 25. Making Logs Analytics-ready Log Parser Inside Reduced Stack for Logging! Structured Data for Analytics
  26. 26. Summary Stefan Thies Twitter: @seti321
  27. 27. Docker Logging Webinar 20% OFF 201509WNR20S 201509WNR20L
  28. 28. Thank you for your attention