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  • I had never made a PowerPoint presentation before, so I have had many “a-ha” moments making this. I can see where this would be a huge asset in the classroom. This will hold a child’s attention for a while and hopefully get them to learn something new. I can see why PowerPoint is used for presentations, it was fairly easy to put together for me, which isn’t always the case when dealing with learning new software. The information I provided is common knowledge and difficult to attribute to one source. Any of the websites listed in the presentation will have this information on them.
  • Golf

    1. 1. GOLF Click on a picture or text to learn more about it Useful websites Quiz 1 How to play Quiz 2 How to keep score Quiz 3
    2. 2. Menu • How to play • Equipment • Where to learn more
    3. 3. How to play • The goal in golf is to hit the ball into the hole in as few strokes (swings) as possible. • There are 18 holes on each full-length course. • Par is the word used to describe the average score a golfer would get on any particular hole or course. Most courses have a par of 72. • Handicap is the term used to describe how many strokes over par a player’s average score is. A player with a 4 handicap averages 76 strokes per round. A round is 18 holes played at one time. HOME
    4. 4. How to play • A score of one under par on a hole is called a birdie. • A score of two under par on a hole is called an eagle. • A score of one over par is called a bogie. • A score of two over par is called a double bogie. HOME
    5. 5. QUIZ • 1. In golf, what is another word for swing? • 2. How many holes are there on a full length course? • 3. In golf, what does birdie mean? • 4. A score two under par on a hole is named after what bird? • 5. A score of one over par is called what? HOME
    6. 6. Equipment • Every golfer needs equipment to play. Golfers need clubs and tees. • Clubs to a golfer are like a bat is to a baseball player. There are 3 types of clubs, woods, irons and putters. • A golfer will carry 2 or 3 woods, 7 or 8 irons, and a putter. HOME
    7. 7. Equipment • The woods are used to drive the ball off of the tee. The tee is used only on the first stroke on each hole. It holds the ball above the ground so the golfer can hit it up into the air and make the ball go farther. • Irons are used to help get the ball closer to the hole. Some hit the ball high and not far, some hit the ball low and far. • The putter is used to hit the ball into the hole when it’s on the green. HOME
    8. 8. QUIZ • 1. What are the 3 types of clubs used? • 2. What does a wood do? • 3. What do irons do? • 4. When do you use your putter? HOME
    9. 9. Where to learn more • There are many places you can get information about golf. • You can get information online, at golf courses, and golf equipment stores. • There are many golf websites you can visit with your parents, that will help you find golf courses, learn the rules, find out more about your favorite golfers, find the next tournament, and more. HOME
    10. 10. Where to learn more • Popular websites include : • – The PGA is the Professional Golfers’ Association. This site will help you follow your favorite professional golfers. • – This is a website for kids to learn more about golf. • – The United States Golf Association website will help you find a golf course near you HOME
    11. 11. QUIZ • 1. What ways can you find more information about golf? • 2. Name 3 websites you and your parents can visit to find out more information about golf. HOME
    12. 12. Conclusion • The goal of every golfer is to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. • Par for most courses is 72. • Golfers use woods, irons and a putter to hit the ball. • There are many websites you can visit to learn more about golf.