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A presentation to a group of laid off executives from a major oil company. It was an introduction to the market and consumer forces driving social networking, describing what social networking is and the most common tools and then discussing how/where this fits into a small business business and marketing strategy

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  • Agenda
    Let’s have a discussion, ask lots of questions
    Where are bathrooms
    What is Social Networking?
    What are the major social networks out there?
    Why Social Networking for business? (what’s different than regular marketing marketing)
    How to use social networking for your business
  • Depends on your market
  • Who are your customers? This will influence the way you go about this.  For example, if the market is very old people, or poor people, (yes, obvious examples, I know) they are unlikely to be on the internet; so why build a web site?
    Who is your competition and how do they promote their products?  Also, how are the products promoted overseas – this may or may not translate for (South) Africa?  Google has some useful, free, tools that help you with this research
    How does your product interact with customers?  This will influence if, how and where you may use social media for promotion. 
    What is the best way to build a community around your product? Competitions?, mail blasts?, blog?
    What are the keywords and the related content you will create on your web site, blog, emails, social media, that will help the Search Engines (Google, Bing. Yahoo), find your website?  Again Google has some free tools and there are some other very good free tools.
    Once you have their details, how do you provide value to them so they remain interested in you and your product? 
  • Social Networking 101

    1. 1. + November 11, 2010 Social Networking Discussion How does a small business use the internet to grow and thrive?
    2. 2. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, Agenda  Introductions  Market/business trends  About social networking, networks and tools Break  Social networking in your business  Demo  Workshop
    3. 3. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, Introductions You:  Name  Background  What are your expectations?  Experience with Email, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in?  Have you ever bought anything over the internet? What? Me: Selwyn Shuman  Social Networks: Blog:, Linked In:, Facebook:  Communications: Twitter: @selwynshuman, MSN: , GTalk:, SKYPE: sgshuman
    4. 4. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, Guidelines This is your session Let’s keep it interactive? Let’s ask questions Let’s keep it interesting for all I don’t know all the answers. None of us do. If I don’t know, I’ll tell you and get back to you later Let’s be flexible with breaks
    5. 5. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, Market/business trends
    6. 6. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, Macro trends  Technology Revolution/Global Connectivity  Recession Hangover  Emerging consumer power  West to east  Emerging middle class in developing countries  Citizen (anti-consumerism) mind-set  Prosumer  Educated/Access to information  Peer networking (you don’t control the brand) With thanks to: Colleen Funkey; Funkey Brands;
    7. 7. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, Consumer trends Branding Gap (Gap between what is is demanded vs. what is sold  Localism  Value/thrift vs. consumerism  Real benefits  Simplification – life is complicated  Authenticity and Transparency With thanks to: Colleen Funkey; Funkey Brands;
    8. 8. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, SA Business environment  The Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability : landscape-2010/ SA is innovative (81%) Business is seen as a primary driver of innovation (75%) We have the leadership - you We have the infrastructure (mostly) Skills are available
    9. 9. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, Marketing approaches Old school – mass media  One to many  Radio, TV, print  Big budget = big reach  Low personalization  Corporate brand (we “trust” Sony, Apple, Toyota)  Price and features “New” school – interactive marketing  One to one  Social networks/Web sites  Low financial cost  High personalization  Personal brand /Authenticity/transparency  Provide value/contribute knowledge  “Freemium” model Deliver authentic experiences. Evoke an emotional response. Inspire people. Help consumers to share their story. Empower support, aid and enable consumers with knowledge
    10. 10. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, About social networking, networks and tools
    11. 11. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, Interactive marketing tools  Social networks  Blogs  Web sites  Email  SMS/MMS  Others? (polls, RSS feeds, …)
    12. 12. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, What is a social network?  Lots of definitions on the web – see Wikipedia  Very old concept – friends, family, work colleagues, professional associations, clubs (sports, hobby’s, interests), lodges (Lion’s, rotary), etc.  Networking groups for marketing – important from our perspective  What’s new?
    13. 13. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, What are social networking services?  Online service, platform, or site  Focuses on building and reflecting of social relations among people  A social network service represents a user, their social links and a variety of additional services.
    14. 14. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, Major social networks  Worldwide – Facebook, Twitter  South Africa – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Mxit  North America - MySpace and LinkedIn  Canada - Nexopia  Netherlands - Bebo, Hi5, Hyves  Germany - StudiVZ  Hungary – iWiW  Spain - Tuenti  Poland - Nasza-Klasa  Parts of Europe - Decayenne, Tagged, XING, Badoo and Skyrock  South and Central America - Orkut and Hi5  Asia and the Pacific Islands - Friendster, Mixi, Multiply, Orkut, Wretch, renren and Cyworld  India - Twitter, Orkut and Facebook
    15. 15. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, Common tools Tool What? Facebook Consumer and personal level. Largest network, lots of “noise” Linked-in Professional to professional network. High level of trust Twitter Personal/business “news” service. Based on SMS - 140 character message Mxit Mainly SA. Big in youth market. Instant messaging, mobile, hip. Orkut Large in India (now owned by Google) RenRen Largest in China MySpace First pioneer. Mainly oriented to musicians now Family, family tree
    16. 16. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, What is a blog?  Web Log  Type of website ; part of a website  Regular entries  Interactive
    17. 17. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, Other social networking tools Free - hosted Open source tools Blogs, Google Blogger, Feedburner WordPress and others Web sites Google,,, Joomla and others Online shops Google Magento and others
    18. 18. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, What is search  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  Relevant content  Key words  Back links  Longer term (6 – 12 weeks)  Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)  Key words and non key words  Geography  Shorter term (1 – 2 weeks)
    19. 19. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, Social networking in your business
    20. 20. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, OK, great info, but what do I do with it? Marketing strategy Key words Develop contentPopulate platforms Measure Adapt
    21. 21. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, Marketing strategy  Business plan?  Who are my customers?  Geography, age, interests, needs, web sites, …  Where are they and how do I connect with them?  Email, search, competitions, events, blogs, …  What are the search keywords?  (SEO, SEM)
    22. 22. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, Develop content  Blog  Social networks  Email campaign  Tied to an event?, competition?  Website
    23. 23. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, An example – my mechanics Step note My marketing strategy •Leverage existing network •Target medium business for search – 24 month timeline •Target wealthy Americans for tours – 6 month timeline My blog ( •Email blast to announce •1500 people, 150 signed up to blog or opted in •Entries on interactive marketing, tours •only one comment •Time challenge Feeds Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn More responses here Update content on blog Huge amount of work to do Build travel web site Lesson learned: Get professional help Build interactive marketing web site To be done. Must first generate buzz
    24. 24. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, Some conclusions  There is no “perfect” recipe. This is a new field  Spend time thinking about your business plan.  Let someone review it  Spend time on your marketing plan  How will you measure success?  Hits? signups? Ultimately Sales  Have someone review it  Think through SEO and SEM  Start small and test, test, test
    25. 25. + © 2010. Selwyn Shuman, Workshop/Discussion  Marketing plan  Who are our customers  Where are they?  What are they interested in?  How can we provide value to them  What tools?