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Business Intelligence: Adding intelligence to the existing process to make product more commercial and competitive to the existing market. Hallucination to have the insight of complex process, logical, arithmetical and functional flow to implement in the application

Business Process Management: Every intrusive project has a process, Business process is a collection of activities and structured to form a product or services in any technology field. Process improvements to identify the actions to improve the process efficiency process innovations are the key to compete with the existing competition in the technology and modern scientific world. Linking process to the enterprise product & business goal

Business Objects: These are the key modules in the architecture which contributes as pillars in the enterprise architecture.

Enterprise Architect

Alignment of IT strategy and long term responsibility to plan with company\'s business goals, optimization of information management approaches through an understanding of evolving business needs and technology capabilities. Promotion of shared infrastructure and applications to reduce costs and improve information flows. To ensure that projects do not duplicate functionality or diverge from each others business and IT strategies to attain high quality. To provide a consensus based enterprise solution that is scalable, adaptable and in synchronization with ever changing business needs. Management of the risks associated with information and IT assets through appropriate standards and security policies. Direct or indirect involvement in the development of policies, standards and guidelines that direct the selection, development, implementation and use of Information Technology within the enterprise in forming a rigid organization structure. Build employee knowledge and skills in specific areas of expertise.

Research & Development

Technology research development & solutions to problems
Healthcare Ambulatory, and ePrescribing.

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