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SMTP Receive  Transport  SMTP Receive Agents                                                                              ...
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  1. 1. SMTP Receive Transport SMTP Receive Agents n io d d d d d at d d rs an d d an l an Key an an an an an al an a ic t de m ec at m ct w m m m m m nt m m t om ea om i re nn fD ne ec om om om om m he om om fH Co ej O rF oC co on pC ut aC hC lC Message flow pC oC tC nd nR O o is tT de nC fA ai oo at nd ut se el el nD hl nE O cp nM ea O O nD nH nH nA nR nN nE nE O nd O nR H O O O O O O O O O nE Physical, control, or O O non-message flow MEx Runtime Event Dispatch Agent RMS Protocol Decryption agent (internal) Task Priority Content Filtering agent Categorizer Agent Log Transport e ag Tasks Routing Agents e ge ag s es ge sa Pipeline s M es sa es ed M es dM Tracing Log ed iz dM or ve itt te eg ol m ou es at ub nR nR nC nS O O O O Agent MEx Runtime Event Dispatch Log Fetch Rights Account Certificate and Use License RMS Decryption agent (internal) Priority Transport Rule agent Transport Fetch Rights Account Certificate and Use License Journal Report DecryptionAgent Tasks agent (internal) Priority Fetch Rights Account Certificate, Client Licensor Certificate, Templates RMS Encryption agent (internal) Fetch Prelicense Prelicensing agent (internal)Agents.config Journaling agent (internal) RMS Client Manager Message Delivery Transport Microsoft Delivery Agents n n m tio tio RMS Federation te ec ec lI ai nn n Gateway M on Co er nC se iv pe el lo nD nC nO O O O RMS License MEx Runtime Event Dispatch Store Hub Transport Extensibility © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.