windows 8 installation


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windows 8 installation

  2. 2.  The DVD will begin to load up, and youll be presented by the following screen as the installer starts. Once loaded you will see the following screen
  3. 3.  Select your location, keyboard and regional language settings as required and click "next" to continue and youll see the following box:
  4. 4.  Click "Install now" to continue with the installation.
  5. 5.  Youll then be asked to provide the product key to activate Windows. Once you have entered the product key, click "next" to continue to the next step
  6. 6.  Before you can proceed with the setup any further youre required to accept Microsofts license terms, as below. Read the terms, and once youre happy, tick the "I accept the license terms" box, and click "next" to continue to the next step
  7. 7.  You will be greeted with the following screen. "Custom" option which will install a fresh copy of Windows 8 Release
  8. 8.  The setup will then continue and start the disk manager as below. 20-25GB of hard drive space is more than adequate.
  9. 9.  Windows setup will then begin to install Windows 8 Release Preview to the hard drive, and will work through several stages as detailed below.
  10. 10.  Once complete, it will reboot again and setup the computers devices and finalize the installation, as below.
  11. 11.  Once this stage has finished, you will be greeted with the following screen. Select your preferred colour scheme for Metro, and then name your computer. Then click "next" to proceed
  12. 12.  You will then be greeted with the following window.
  13. 13.  The next step asks you if you wish to sign into your PC using a Windows Live account.
  14. 14.  Unlike previous versions of Windows, Microsofts new operating system heavily integrates the Redmond-based firms Windows Live features, including messenger, contacts, calendar and mail. Signing in using your Windows Live account also offers Windows 8 users additional benefits like the ability to download additional apps from the Windows Store and automatic synchronization of all your Windows 8 computers so they look and feel the same regardless of which one youre using. Note: Your Windows Live ID also becomes your username for Windows 8 Release Preview, and uses your Windows Live ID password to log in. Enter your Windows Live ID, and click "next" to continue
  15. 15.  You will then be asked for your password for your Windows Live account. Click "next" to continue.
  16. 16.  The final step of integrating your Windows Live account with your new installation of Windows 8 Release Preview requires you to provide additional verification information. For those that have previously set this up, the fields will be completed already. Verify they are correct, or add the required information and click "next" to continue.
  17. 17.  Windows 8 Release Preview will then complete its final configuration. Once complete, it will then boot into Windows for the first time, as below.
  18. 18.  Installation is now complete, and you can enjoy your new OS and begin exploring its features.