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Breakfast Forum #7 Presentation


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Published in: Design, Technology
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Breakfast Forum #7 Presentation

  1. 1. #SeltzerBF
  2. 2. CLARE MCDERMOTT SoloPortfolio
  3. 3. ANNIE SMIDT seltzer
  4. 4. A A R O N DESATNIK nexus
  5. 5. The Do List ≫ Do blog to help meet your goals At the end of the day, it has to drive sales and other goals. ≫ Do write for and engage the customer ID through survey, web analytics, etc; posts must be short; open-ended; this includes reposting content from blogs that your customers like. ≫ Do stay disciplined Post 2–3 pieces of content a week. ≫ Do experiment with different mediums to convey the message Videos, webinars, surveys, etc. ≫ Do track progress on goals Since you launched the blog, have you seen changes in website hits, product inquiries, sales, SEO rankings, etc?
  6. 6. The Don’t List ≫ Don’t fear self-promotion As long as it’s tasteful, tempered, and valuable. ≫ Don’t go it alone Team buy-in is important both because they will provide content and feedback. ≫ Don’t get dragged down by an editorial calendar Calendars are helpful in mapping goals to blog posts, but blogs are valuable because they are real-time. If you find out important news, post it! ≫ Don’t let your blog comments run wild Blog commenters feel protected by the anonymity of the web, so comments can get out of hand unless they’re monitored. ≫ Don’t post unless you have something to say This goes for blogging as much as it does for news releases.
  7. 7. #SeltzerBF DISCUSSION
  8. 8. #SeltzerBF A N Y QUESTIONS ?
  9. 9. #SeltzerBF THANKS FO R COMING !
  10. 10. #SeltzerBF