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SeLLeX Company Presentation


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A short presentation of our company, values, approach and solutions.

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SeLLeX Company Presentation

  1. 1. SeLLeX – Excellence in Sales Sales Performance Consulting and Training Company Company Presentation
  2. 2. Contents 1. About SeLLeX 2. 3. Sales Expertise The SeLLeX Approach SeLLeX Excellence in Sales 4. Sales Solutions 5. SeLLeX Benchmark Index 6. Contacts
  3. 3. About SeLLeX SeLLex is the leading Bulgarian Sales Performance Training and  Consulting Company. With our extensive industry experience and  functional expertise we aim to provide consulting solutions that will  drive your sales processes and improve your bottom line Our Mission "Helping our clients create value for their customers".  SeLLeX Excellence in Sales
  4. 4. 750 Sales Prof  Trained  23 About SeLLeX Satisfied  Clients 14 Our Vision: Clients in the  top 100 • We transform organizations with our breakthrough behavior change processes.   • We create client value as "one firm" utilizing both direct and partner resources.  18  • We build "Integrity" into every customer experience.  Internal Trainers 7 Years on the  market SeLLeX Excellence in Sales
  5. 5. Curriculum About SeLLeX Methodology Company Values: Customizing • Integrity: Acting ethically at all times.  • Accountability: Taking proactive responsibility for results.  • Excellence: Performing at our highest levels.  • Abundance: Sharing the wealth of opportunity with others.  Integration • Innovation: Seeking new and better solutions to problems.  • Customer‐Focus: Keeping the customer at the centre of our business Total Solution RESULTS SeLLeX Excellence in Sales
  6. 6. Sales Expertise Typical problems we solve include the following: • Improving Sales Force Productivity  • Managing Sales Talent  • Transitioning from Product‐led to Solution‐led Selling  • Winning High‐value, Complex Deals  • Shortening Sales Cycles  • Improving Sales Forecast Accuracy  • Evaluating and Integrating Sales Forces Pre‐and‐Post Merger  • Protecting and Growing Strategic Accounts SeLLeX SeLLeX Excellence in Sales Excellence in Sales
  7. 7. Sales Expertise Who we help: SeLLeX Excellence in Sales
  8. 8. Sales Expertise Industry Expertise: Sellex has worked with nearly all industries with a business‐to‐business focus. We've developed a  deep expertise in many business sectors and are intimately familiar with the unique sales  performance issues each faces.  These industry verticals include: • Telecommunications  • Business Services (facilities, staffing and information) • Consumer Products  • Energy Industry • Financial Services and Insurance  • Professional Services (consulting, engineering and accounting firms)  • Heavy Industrial Manufacturing  • High Technology Manufacturing  SeLLeX SeLLeX Excellence in Sales Excellence in Sales
  9. 9. The SeLLeX Approach We believe that well developed relations between  stakeholders are the key to an optimal use of a  budget, leading to an effective and successful  consulting project. Each stakeholder has its unique role and only through  active participation the result is positive  improvement of the sales process. Through our unique engagement model we ensure  that each consulting project has a positive influence  on our clients’ bottom line results. SeLLeX SeLLeX Excellence in Sales Excellence in Sales
  10. 10. Sales Solutions Sales Training Sales Workshops Sales Consultancy Sales Assessment Sales Coaching Sales Research SeLLeX SeLLeX Excellence in Sales Excellence in Sales
  11. 11. Sales Solutions Sales Training: • Consultative Selling Skills • Strategic Sales • Sales Management • Sales Skills Spectrum • Customer Service Programs • Consultative Sales Negotiations • Powerful Sales Presentation • Ongoing Sales Curriculum SeLLeX SeLLeX Excellence in Sales Excellence in Sales
  12. 12. Sales Solutions Sales Workshops: • Sales Process Design • CRM and Sales Process Alignment • Sales Tools Building Workshops • Sales Driven Marketing Transformation • Sales Implementation Workshops SeLLeX SeLLeX Excellence in Sales Excellence in Sales
  13. 13. Sales Solutions Sales Consultancy: • Sales Leadership, Coaching and Review • Sales Processes and Best Practices • Territory, Pipeline and Forecast Management • Consultative, Value‐Focused Selling Skills • Customer‐Specific Values Propositions • Opportunity Planning, Management and Review • Account Planning, Management and Review • Collaborative Planning with Customers SeLLeX SeLLeX Excellence in Sales Excellence in Sales
  14. 14. Sales Solutions Sales Assessment: • Sellex Customer Perception Survey (SCPS) • Sellex Organizational Excellence Assessment (SOEA) • Sellex Talent Excellence Assessment (STEA) SeLLeX SeLLeX Excellence in Sales Excellence in Sales
  15. 15. Sales Solutions Sales Coaching: • Sales Coaching Diagnostic • Manager’s Prework • Developmental Sales Coaching Seminar • Quarterly Coaching Action Maps • Start Coaching • Coaching Evaluation and Certificate  SeLLeX SeLLeX Excellence in Sales Excellence in Sales
  16. 16. SeLLeX Benchmark Index SBI is the first Best Practices Survey about Corporate Sales in Bulgaria. Its first issue is due June 2010. The SeLLeX Benchmark Index is organized  in fourteen areas covering the full extent of sales in the company. Featured Benchmark Services and Reports: • Sales Best Practices Report • Sales Management Best Practices Report • Sellex Industry Benchmark Report SeLLeX SeLLeX Excellence in Sales Excellence in Sales
  17. 17. Contacts SeLLeX Consultancy Team 1113 Sofia | Iztok Distr. | 6 Nikolay Ostrovski. Bulgaria Call office:  +359 2 490 00 86, + 359 2 490 00 84 Call Sales Consultant: +359 89 983 83 65 Email: Website: SeLLeX SeLLeX Excellence in Sales Excellence in Sales