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Safe migration 20130318


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"Safe Migration" is a program of Planete Enfants to protect vulnerable Nepalese women and children fromthe risks of exploitation and trafficking during migration.

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Safe migration 20130318

  1. 1. SAFE MIGRATION« Safe migration », the program against exploitation of migrant people is extendedwith special activities for children.
  2. 2. ID for childrenChildren without papers are extremely vulnerable to trafficking when they leavetheir country. The project provides 17 000 ID for children.
  3. 3. Training and information for childrenPotential migrant teens often take their chance without knowing anything aboutrealities and potential risks. The project informs 264 000 children throughfamilies, schools and child clubs.
  4. 4. Welcome, we listen to you !2 Safe Migration Ressources Centres are opened at the Indian border. Aspiringmigrants are welcomed, listened and receive advices …or even help to be able tostay in Nepal…
  5. 5. Multiplied protection300 volunteers go into the villages and meet families and teenagers in order toinform them and propose the services of the project.
  6. 6. Provide an alternativeThe project helps the most vulnerable families to access to an Income GeneratingActivity: gardening, shops, cycle repairing, beauty parlours…That avoids sendingabroad children alone.