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My dedication digital project

  1. 1. I chose this poem because it is one of my favorite by Edgar Allen Poe it is about love and loss about a girl named Lenore and the man how longs for her. He was all most sleeping when something is coming and rapping and tapping on his chamber door so to me when I think off a chamber door I think of a castle. Every time he gets up to look nothing was there except vast darkness. He was reading lore when he was starting to fall asleep. The room is lit with the fire by the fireplace and some candles and the sound of purple curtains is scaring him. A raven came in through the window and landed on the top of the chamber door and just sat there and the bird keeps on saying “nevermore”. He does not know if the bird is a bird or the devil. He gets a little freaked out by the raven staring at him. He misses his lost love Lenore. To me she was in the poem beautiful I think she looks somewhat similar to Angelina Jolie. I think this is one of his best poems but that is just my opinion. I think my mom will like this poem because she is always reading books about loss, love, drama. I have noticed that my mom’s books that she reads are similar to the poem the raven so that is why I have chosen this poem.EDGAR ALLEN POE
  2. 2. I seen the fire and ice poem in the book eclipse from the twilight books it was one the movie as well the fire and ice poem is one of my favorite poems by Robert frost. I think in the movie Bella is the on that it is the one that says it as a poem for her one class. In the poem he is talking about rather he would want to parish in fire or parish in ice. he talking about if he would rather end in fire or in ice. he is not sure because he says in the poem that says some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. he think of ending with fire but he says but if I had to parish twice, I think I know enough of hate to say that for destruction ice is also great and would suffice. To me it just one of them poem that catch my eye. It is one of my favorite poems. I guess it was a good thing I read the book eclipse otherwise I would not know about the poem. But after I read this book I liked it. I knew of Robert frost poems but I didn’t remember this poem. But it is a good poem I just wanted to put this in to my project because I really like this poem.ROBERT FROST
  3. 3. This is all so a good poem from Robert frost I was in English class when I read this. I like this poem because is about snow I love winter because snow is so pretty when I falls to the ground. This another poem that I wanted to put in to the project because I like it. When I picture these woods in the poem I this of a little bit of green and brown peeking thought the snow because I think of the snow like a snow storm and it starting to get dark. In the poem he says it’s the darkest evening of the year. He stops by the wood to watch the woods fill up with snow. He says his little horse must think it weird to stop without a farmhouse near. When I think of his horse I think his horse looking at him with a confused face. Here is a line in the poem were his horse thinks it is a mistake to stop.(he gives his harness bells a shake to ask if there is some mistake.) he all so says the only other sound in the forest is the sound of the sweep of the easy wind and downy flake. He is some were between the woods and a frozen lake I think he is on road or a dirt road going to his house. Because in the poem it says that he is miles to go before he sleeps. He thinks the woods are lovely, dark and deep. I all so think the snow is pretty when it is falling to the ground. But his is a good poem ROBERT FROST
  4. 4. The person I am giving this to is my mom because I think she will like these poems because she like books that are about loss and love like the raven . The other poems are the ones I liked. I just wanted to share them with my mom (fire and ice) and (stopping by the woods on a snowy evening). And my poems are the ones I wrote but they are about the seasons and my mom likes the seasons as well. That is why I am giving this to my mom. My poems that I did are called snow, leaves, and spring .DEDICATION PAGE
  5. 5. Well my poem the snow is problem one of my favorite poems because I like the snow. I am not that good at writhing poems but I think I did a pretty good job at writhing this poem. Here is the poem I did (walk in the snow and make tracks Lead your track up and down Lead your track side to side Lead your track from here to here and there to their Lead your track over the water thought the forest and back). I thought it was pretty goodDONALD SELLERS
  6. 6. (Spring is in the air Let the animals cheer spring is in the ground let the flowers grow around.) Is one of the first poems I did my favorite part is where it says spring is in the ground let the flowers grow around. Because I think it rhymes that and I like the poem as well.DONALD SELLERS
  7. 7. Most of my poems are about the seasons (the leaves fall from the trees And go around and around Until the night Then they settle for the night With the breeze in the morning light Then they float around). My favorite poems are out the seasons so that is why most of my poems are about the seasons.DONALD SELLERS
  8. 8. N.p. 2012. web. 5/15/12 Poets and N.p 2010. web.5/15/12 Edgar Allen PoeFamous Poets and N.p 2010. web.5/15/12 Robert FrostBIBLIOGRAPHY