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  2. 2. Introduction Technology advancement is widely scatteredaround the world. Many of the companies are now usingtechnologies to enhance their work and to improve theirbusiness transactions. Most of the business establishmentsare using computers and printers. At this time, one of the companies that features a widevariety of printing goods is the DanPro Ink Masters. The companysells ink and modern laser printers since 2007. The company has encountered problems with regards totheir sales and inventory system Thus, the proponent’s primaryaim is to give a proposal that would present the sales andinventory system in compliance to the need of the company.
  3. 3. The Organization The DanPro Ink Masters is a business that sells printerand ink. Danpro is a total ink Solutions Company gearedtowards providing premium quality bulk ink andcontinuous ink supply systems. It was formally conceived on the 15th September, 2007to serve the immediate public demand for high qualityinks, which at the same time, are much reasonably pricedthan genuine printer ink cartridges. DanPro now also caterto certain parts of Luzon and Visayas regions.
  4. 4. Activity Diagram for the Inventory in the Current System
  5. 5. Activity Diagram for the Inventory in the Current System
  6. 6. Activity Diagram for the Sales in the Current System
  7. 7. Activity Diagram for the returned items in the Current System
  8. 8. Context Level Data Flow Diagram of the Current System
  9. 9. Level 0 Data Flow Diagram for the sales of the Current System
  10. 10. Level 0 Data Flow Diagram for the inventory of the Current System
  11. 11. Level 0 Data Flow Diagram for the returned items of the Current System
  12. 12. Problems/Opportunity Definition Problem Opportunities Cause(s) Effect(s) To create a system that The customer The customer may Performance is fast in transferring may become leave and this may and releasing of annoyed of cause profit loss to Information information. waiting. the company. There is a redundancy of To create a system Inaccurate of Slow transactions and data and can’t produce That can automatically presenting data inaccurate details. exact information. identify if there is because of repetition of data. replication of information. Control The system is not fully Implement security Less security Unauthorized secured. checks like user-level measures of the personnel might accounts with password. system. manipulate the records and important data might be lost. Efficiency It takes time to locate Create a feature in our Lack of providing Delay in providing the multiple sets of data. system that functionalities. information about the automatically locates availability of the multiple sets of data. item. Service Parts of the system are not To create a system that Slow process in Delay of providing coordinated with each is more organize with delivering request service to the other which results to each other. information. customer. delay in providing the requested service.
  13. 13. FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS Based on Problems/Opportunity definition, thecompany faces problems that the company mightoverlook. With this, the proponents propose to developan information system to help the company improvedtheir current system. The information system will havethe following functionalities such that users of thesystem will have easy access and manipulate to thedata:
  14. 14. Sales and Inventory SystemInventory 1. Viewing and Searching Items a. This will be used to retrieve the recordsgoing in the inventory b. The following data are necessary: i. Item Name ii. Item Code iii. Item Quantity iv. Item Model v. Price
  15. 15. 2. Add items a. This will be used in adding items in the inventory b. The following data are necessary: i. Item Code ii. Item Name iii. Item Model iv. Item Quantity v. Price
  16. 16. 3. Update Items a. This will used to update the record items b. The following data are necessary: i. Item Name ii. Item Model iii. Price4. Stocks a. This will be used to view all available items b. The following data are necessary: i. Item Code ii. Item Name iii. Item Quantity iv. Item Model v. Price
  17. 17. Purchase Order a. This is used to list the stocks in order to purchase to the supplier b. The following data are necessary: i. PO Number ii. PO Date iii. Supplier iv. Item Name v. Item Quantity vi. Unit vii. Price viii. Subtotal ix. Total x. Issued by
  18. 18. List of Purchased Orders a. This will be used to view all the purchase orders b. The following data are necessary: i. PO Number ii. PO Date iii. Item Name iv. Item Quantity v. Unit vi. Price vii. Total
  19. 19. Receiving of Stocks a) The system should record the stocks that were delivered to the store. It should update the quantity of an item based on the quantity delivered by the supplier b) The following data are necessary: vi. PO Number vii. Date Delivered viii. Delivery Receipt Number ix. Supplier Name x. Item Name xi. Quantity of items delivered xii. Item’s price xiii. Total xiv. Received by
  20. 20. Sales a. The system should deduct to the current quantity of items in the inventory of items b. The following data are necessary: i. Date ii. Product Name iii. Quantity iv. Unit v. Price vi. Subtotal vii. Total viii. Issued by
  21. 21. Inquire Item Availability a. The management can view the product in the system if the product is available or not. i. Product Code ii. Product Description iii. Total Price
  22. 22. Stock Withdrawal a. This will be used for returning of defective items that were purchased by a customer. b. Before an item can be returned, the customer must show the purchased item and receipt that was given to him/her during the transaction and state why he/she will return those items. c. The following data are necessary: i. Item Number ii. Date Purchased iii. Name of items to be returned/replaced iv. Quantity of items to be returned/replaced v. Date Replaced vi. Price per item and total price of the items that will be returned/ replaced.
  23. 23. List of Returned Items a) The user can view all returned defective items b) The following data are necessary: i. Returned Details Number ii. Item Code iii. Item Quantity iv. Price v. Remarks vi. Product Returned Number
  24. 24. Reports 1. Inventory Report a. The Inventory Reports should contain the following data. i. Item Code ii. Item Name iii. Item Quantity iv. Unit v. Price vi. Supplier Name vii. Date and Time generated
  25. 25. 2. Sales Report a. The Sales Report should contain the following data. i. Item Code ii. Item Quantity iii. Unit iv. Price v. Date vi. Date and Time generated
  26. 26. System Security 1. User log-in a. This will be used by the authorized user to enter the sales and inventory system. Every user has their own access in a specific module. b. The following data will be needed: i. Username ii. Password
  27. 27. Use Case Diagram
  28. 28. Feasible AlternativesAlternative SolutionsFeasibility Alternatives provides help to conduct apossible solution to the study. It gives some possiblealternatives solutions in the currentproblems/opportunities that business encountered.
  29. 29. 1. Create new sales and inventory system andapply system security. With this solution, the company should make asales and inventory software that helps them inthe process of sales and inventory system. It givesassurance to the company that their files will besecure from unauthorized persons because thesystem contains a security that will preventunauthorized person to access the files withoutpermission.
  30. 30. 2. Purchase a commercial Sales and Inventorysystem. With this solution the company will purchasecommercial sales and inventory software that helpsthem in their inventory processing. One of thedisadvantages of this solution is that it needsmoney. Commercial inventory software is quiteexpensive.
  31. 31. Operational FeasibilityAlternative 1: One of the alternatives solutions is to create sales and inventorysystem and has features on applying a system security. If the companywill apply the propose system to them. The current system of the company is less secure, has limitation instoring and presenting information and it makes the performanceslow. But through this proposed system, their current flow oftransactions will be change and it will give them better in theirprocess of transaction. And also, the users can easily identify theitems because the system has detailed information about thespecified item(s).
  32. 32. Alternative 2: Another Alternative solution, If the company wantsto purchase a commercial sales and inventory system,the company must know and learn how to use thepurchased system through tutorials on how the it worksand how to use it. They may refer in the internet someguidelines about this software. In this case, it will take much time to learn about thesoftware that will affect the process of transactions.The implementation of this consumes time because thesystem is new to the user.
  33. 33. Technological FeasibilityAlternative 1 In this alternative solution, the proposed projectwill be using a computer. Through computer, theyjust only install the proposed system and have a highmemory capacity and can cater applications thathave a large amount of memory.Alternative 2 In this alternative solution, if the companydecided to purchase commercial sales and inventorysystem, the company can readily comply andimplement the system because the device thatcompany is currently using can meet the minimumrequirements needed.
  34. 34. Economic Feasibility The estimated annual maintenance cost of the company The estimated benefits from using the system
  35. 35. Alternative 1
  36. 36. Alternative 2
  37. 37. Schedule Feasibility Alternative 1 Alternative 2
  38. 38. Feasibility Analysis Matrix Feasibility Criteria Weight Candidate 1 Candidate 2 Functionality. A description of what degree the candidate would benefit Fully supports user required Supports member services the organization and how well the functionalities requirements and current system would work. Political. A description of well business processes received this solution would be from 30% user management, user, and organization perspective. Score 100 Score 80 Technical Feasibility Technology. An assessment of the The company will provide the Hiring trainers for the use and maturity, availability, and desirability of the computer technology needed to needed technology for the maintenance of the support these candidates. implementing the proposed software will be essential 30% Expertise. An assessment of the system. though. technical expertise needed to develop, operate, and maintain the candidate system Score: 90 Score: 75 Economic Feasibility Cost of development. -approximately 30,150 -approximately 80,150 30% Payback Period Net Present Value -approximately 5 years -approximately 5 years -approximately 44,406.56 -approximately -5,593.44 Score: 90 Score: 80 Schedule Feasibility 5-8 months Less than 3 months An assessment of how long the 10% solution will take to design and implement Score 75 Score 80 Ranking 100% 88.75 78.75
  39. 39. Scope and Delimitation•The study will focus only in the development and implementation of theSales Inventory System which will be conducted and implemented atDanPro Ink Master.•The proposed system will cover all the interactions between theaccounting department and the client specifically the updating of the salesand the management of the stocks.•The system can store, update, view the current stocks of the companyand can also generate a list of available item.•For sales management, the system can inquire item availability, createnew order item, and provide sales report.•For the sales, the system can automatically compute the total sales of thecompany which will be used to manage the stocks. This system does notinvolve the use of credit cards during transactions.
  40. 40. The Proposed System Based on the interviews conducted to thecompany, the proponents will propose a sales andinventory system that fits the company’s needs. Thissystem may help them to monitor their stocks and thesales and inventory reports. Only the authorized usecan add, view, update and delete the items in thesystem.
  41. 41. Statement of Purpose of the New SystemGeneral Objective The proponent’s general objective is to developa sales and inventory of the DanPro Ink Master withsystem security features.
  42. 42. Specific Objectives•To be able to develop sales and inventory systemthat can generate monthly sales and inventoryreport.•To be able to develop a secured sales and inventorysystem by allowing to access only the authorized user.•To be able develop a less inconsistent in sales andinventory transactions.
  43. 43. Physical Data Flow Diagram
  44. 44. Activity Diagram of the Proposed Inventory Management
  45. 45. Activity Diagram of the Proposed Sales Management
  46. 46. Activity Diagram of the Proposed Returned Items
  47. 47. Context Level Data Flow Diagram of the Proposed System
  48. 48. Level 0 Data Flow Diagram of the Proposed Sales management
  49. 49. Level 0 Data Flow Diagram of the Proposed Inventory Management
  50. 50. Level 0 Data Flow Diagram of the Proposed Returned Items
  51. 51. Fully Attributed Data Model
  52. 52. Project MethodologySpiral Model