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Papaer4 ea

  1. 1. [1] Fit Your Hand: Personalized User InterfaceConsidering Physical Attributes of Mobile DeviceUsers Authors: Hosub Lee and Young Sang ChoiSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.,Source: ACM. UIST’11, (October 16–19, 2011), SantaBarbara, California, USA.[2] BLUI: Low-cost Localized Blowable UserInterfaces Authors: Shwetak N. Patel and Gregory D. AbowdGeorgia Institute of Technology,Source: ACM. UIST’07, (October 7–10, 2007),Newport, Rhode Island, USA.
  2. 2. [3] WUW - Wear Ur World - A Wearable GesturalInterface Authors: Pranav Mistry and Pattie Maes and LiyanChang MIT Media Lab ,Source: ACM. CHI 2009,( April 4 -9, 2009), Boston,MA, USA[4] Light-tech Interaction Used in Ubiquitous InterfaceDesign Authors: Feng Xian Tsinghua University , Source: ACM. RDURP’11, (September 18, 2011),Beijing, China. Adviser: Geeng Neng You Speaker: 張靜蓉 Date: 2012/01/
  3. 3. Userinterface WUW BLUI FUH Light-techName of Wearable Ur Localized Fit Your Hand Light-techinterface World Blowable User Interaction InterfacesScenario Augmented Entertainment Easy-to-touch Ubiquitous Reality Assistive positions technologyUsage Freehand Hands-free Handedness Face /visual Gestures Interaction recognitionOperation 1. Gestures Blowable Handedness Emotional supported Selection Left-hander lamp by multi- Scrolling Right-hander of Chameleon touch Dragging Finger length systems Physical Blow Usage habits 2. Freehand Metaphor gestures 3. Iconic gestures
  4. 4. Expression Intuitive Intuitive Intuitive user Intuitive experience of directly control interaction Emotional full-sized certain interactive Dynamically recognition gestural Localized reformulates systems Blowable the layoutEquipment Laptop Laptop Smartphone Laptop Projector Computer screen Tablet Computer Camera Microphone screen Color markersApplication Microsoft C++ application Android MCUs Windows Java application Machine (Microprocessor platform connects via a learning Control Unit) using C#, TCP connection algorithm used in WPF and FFT application Arduino, which openCV. Machine learning Divided is a very KNN interface into popular 4x5=20 cells open-source Divided interface interactive into 3x3 , 4x4, 5x5, hardware 6x6 regions platform
  5. 5. [1] Fit Your Hand: Personalized User Interface Considering Physical Attributes of Mobile Device Users  A mobile user interface.  Dynamically reformulates the layout.  Integrate machine learning algorithm.  It infers users’ physical characteristics. handedness, finger length, or usage habits.  Calculates the optimal touch area for the user.
  6. 6. A03=11×1.3 A12=13×1.3 A13=16×1.3 A21=22× =14.3 =16.9 =20.8 1.3=28.6 A22=18×1.3 A30=20×1.3 A40=13×1.3 A41=15× =23.4 =26 =16.9 1.3=19.5Workflow of the Proposed System
  7. 7. The User Interface Architecture
  8. 8. Implementation
  9. 9. [2] BLUI: Low-cost Localized Blowable User Interfaces  A unique form of hands-free interaction.  Blowing at a laptop or computer screen to directly control .  Localization where on the screen the person is blowing.  Rely solely on a single microphone.  Java application performs the machine learning. Use k-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) classification for inferring which of those regions is targeted.
  10. 10.  Selection Hands-free way to directly select objects. Scrolling Top or the bottom of the scroll bar (vertical) to cause the page to move. Dragging Panning a document or cursor movements. Physical Blow Metaphor Gaming or entertainment applications. Use blowing to richly convey a physical phenomenon. Blowing out birthday candles, dust & whack-a-mole.
  11. 11.  BLUI uses real-time audio analysis and fingerprinting on the incoming microphone data. Wind noise produces a broadband frequency response through the microphone , which is very high in amplitude for low frequency components. Event-based system. The BLUI engine recognizes blowing activity. Application programmers can register callbacks for these blowing events. Create special purpose widgets that respond appropriately.
  12. 12. 25-50blow Performance of the BLUI localizer for various resolutions (%s of correctly identified regions).
  13. 13. [3] WUW - Wear Ur World - A Wearable Gestural Interface  Bring information out into the tangible world.  Projector and the camera are mounted on a hat.  Coupled in a pendant like wearable device.  Connected to laptop.
  14. 14. intuitive experience of full-sized gestural systems.Stylus-basedinterface
  15. 15. [4] Light-tech Interaction Used in Ubiquitous Interface Design  Light-tech interaction as a methodology used for realize ubiquitous interface.  Light-tech interaction modules should be low power consumption and embedded.  Microprocessor Control Unit (MCU) is usually the core of a product.  The light-tech interaction means that using light-tech approaches to help users interact with products more
  16. 16.  Emotional lamp uses visual recognition technology to detect people and transmit signals via embedded MCU modules or network directly to local devices or the far- end. The receiver controlled by an Arduino based module in local or in remote will turn on lamp when signals received. The lamp can recognize human’s expressions and emotions. When person is happy, the lamp will turn to the warm tone, whereas it will turn to the cold tone to calm person down whenever a
  17. 17. Toy design prototype. The main structure of itis made by handiwork in where a micro RFIDmodule is embedded as the sensor and
  18. 18.  When children put different cards or models on the game board, the computer, which connected to the game zone, will receive the id of them. And then the computer will play different interactive content to users according to the id. This toy is benefit for kids’ social emotional development when kids play with each other or with parents.