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"Help! I Can't Meditate but I wish I Could" by Orin Davis


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Spark Weekend DC Day 2 Spark Talk #7

Spark Challenge: Meditate 1 minute every day for 30 days.

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"Help! I Can't Meditate but I wish I Could" by Orin Davis

  1. 1. But I wish I could… Orin C. Davis, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer, Principal Investigator, SelfSpark Quality of Life Laboratory
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  3. 3.  “I can’t turn my brain off ”  “My thoughts are racing”  “I can’t relax”  “I can’t sit still”  “I have to be doing something”  “I don’t have time” => FOMO
  4. 4. “…attention, emotional regulation, and metacognitive awareness, which (aim to) contribute to the development of a more veridical experience of the world.” Semmens-Wheeler & Dienes (2012)
  5. 5.  Meditation is about hitting your “on” switch  By paying attention, by being fully present, you are turning “on”  Meditation is about getting a sense of your world  That’s a far cry from doing nothing!  Meditation is about being you  Instead of merely reacting to your world, be an actor upon your world  Meditation is about awareness and understanding  What’s going on?
  6. 6. 1) Clear goals 2) Immediate feedback 3) Balance of challenge and skill (> average) 4)No fear of failure (feeling in control) 5)Distractions excluded from consciousness 6)Merging of action and awareness  Behavior becomes spontaneous and automatic though solitary focus on the task at hand 7) Not self-conscious 8) Distorted sense of time 9) Autotelic
  7. 7.  Fit the activity to the way you live  Be mindful of…  Thoughts  Feelings  Things around you  Microcosm  If thoughts intrude, don’t sweat it  Acknowledge them and let them go by  Don’t try to suppress  Use all of your senses  What are they perceiving?
  8. 8.  Find your flow activities  Start with a brain dump (a meditation in itself!)  What’s on my mind?  Meditation [power]walk/run/jog  Music  Not TV – that’s passive entertainment  Stretch PRACTICE