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Selfie sticks


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Selfie Sticks in Australia. Get Your Original Selfie Stick Today. 100% Australian Stock .Choose From Various
Colours, Black, Blue, Pink. Free EXPRESS Delivery.

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Selfie sticks

  1. 1. Selfie Stick AU was created after a visit to Singapore for a holiday and noticed how many people were using selfie sticks. Having never seen them before, I instantly brought one and taking selfie's as I know it had changed. At Selfie Stick AU we pride ourselves on offering a great service to our customers, along with value for money and only sell 100% Australia Stock. You know what, I´ll share a little secret with you, one of the most common reasons people tell us they buy the selfie stick, is for when they travel to show off to their friends where they are. So don´t just show your friends how you look, show them where you are and even who you are with in style.
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