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Mma workout slide

  1. 1. Mixed Martial Arts Workout
  2. 2. Mixed martial arts is currently the fastest growing professional sport in the world and it is easy to see why. We have so many of those 'which martial art is more effective' questions answered. Well at least we think we do but really there are so many variables that MMA fights usually just raise more questions.
  3. 3. What is really interesting though and is a bit more subtle is how fast the sport is evolving. I am not talking about media coverage, global audience, the number of quality MMA schools being set up etc. What I am referring to is the actual sport itself. There are a few fighters who are literally changing the face of the sport.
  4. 4. The way they are doing this by training aspects of their game that other fighters neglect. There are two main factors that are often overlooked. The first is the mental training or psychology of the sport. This is becoming more and more important as like any other sport, mindset is paramount to success. Many fighters win or lose before they even step into the cage.
  5. 5. The second is a comprehensive MMA workout Now this is blatantly obvious in theory however it is absolutely essential to get right. What is the difference between two very evenly matched fighters? Its almost always two things , heart and fitness. Heart cannot be taught so that leaves us with one controllable – fitness.
  6. 6. But MMA fighters are super fit you may be saying to yourself. That may be true but there are a few factors to consider. The toils of MMA are completely unique and with it being the fastest growing sport on earth, many so called experts have exploited the market with sub-standard mixed martial arts workout routines.
  7. 7. Where do these MMA workouts come from? Sadly many of them are workout routines from other sporting codes which have been re-branded as MMA workouts. The science behind MMA fitness is still behind other sports but it is catching up quickly. What many people don’t realise is that training harder is not the answer. Training smarter is. There is a science to peaking for a fight, maximising potential and preventing injuries.
  8. 8. The ability to train MMA as hard and as intensely as possible is the result of a proper mixed martial arts workout. Without this a major piece of the complete MMA fighter puzzle is missing.
  9. 9. For a comprehensive review of the best MMA workout we have tested please visit our website. Self Defense Guide
  10. 10. For a comprehensive review of the best MMA workout we have tested please visit our website. Self Defense Guide