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                                                     Read the text attentively.

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Cristino Ronaldo´s routine.

Published in: Education
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Text 1

  1. 1. TEXT 1 –CRISTIANO RONALDO Read the text attentively. Cristiano Ronaldo wakes up at 7 am. He goes to the gym and exercises for about an hour. Then, he has a shower and he has breakfast. He knows that this is a very important meal, so he has a bowl of cereals, toast with jam and butter and fruit juice. He doesn’t like English breakfast, but sometimes he eats eggs and sausages. The rest of the morning is spent in the stadium, practicing his moves. Lunch is fish or meat and a lot of vegetables. After lunch, he usually calls his mother. He tells her about his day and she gives him some advice. In the afternoon he follows a training programme with his team. Finally, in the evening, he has some time to go out with his girlfriend. They usually have dinner and go to a pub together. Cristiano never goes to bed very late, because he wants to be in shape. He wants to be the best football player in the world. Exercises on text 1 1 Put the sentences in the right order. Cristiano plays with his team. He exercises in the gym. He telephones his mum. He has dinner with his girlfriend. He has a shower. He goes to the pub. 2 Find words in the text. 2.1 meal you have in the morning - _______________________________________ 2.2 meal you have in the middle of the day - _______________________________ 2.3 meal you have in the evening - _______________________________________ 3 Answer the questions on your notebook. a) What time does Cristiano get up? b) How long does he do exercise? c) Does he like English breakfast? d) What does he have for lunch? e) When does he phone his mum? f) Where does he take his girlfriend? g) Why does he go to bed early