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Leveraging SEO Data for Insight


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This presentation is from BlueGlass X and goes over techniques and tactics to understand the data your pulling on your client, website, and competitors in your industry.

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Leveraging SEO Data for Insight

  1. 1. SEO “Wizardry” Or, In Normal Speak – Leveraging Data for Insight
  2. 2. What can tools show you? • • • • Hard numbers Lots of pretty graphs Obscure terminology Tactics- Not Strategy
  3. 3. Which means… • You have to use your own analysis • Draw your own conclusions • Create an actionable plan from those conclusions
  4. 4. Tools: • • • Screaming Frog Alchemy Facebook Debugger
  5. 5. Quick On-Site Strategy Check • • • • What are their priority categories and topics? Are they segmenting with subdomains? What’s their topical dilution? How are they segmenting according to intent?
  6. 6. Cross-Data Check- SEMRush • Sort by directory hierarchy • Breakout categories 1-2 levels down • Cross check with SEMrush for categorical volumes • Look for open opportunities and weaknesses
  7. 7. Cross-Data Check- SEMRush
  8. 8. Canonical Strategy • Where are they consolidating blog posts or other equity to within the site? • Are they consolidating into static pages? • Are they using an internal canonical strategy?
  9. 9. Facebook Debugger
  10. 10. What does this tell me? Are they: • Leveraging OG with “verbs” and “actions” to increase sharing? • Are they fully optimizing content and site for sharing?
  11. 11. Semantics, Concepts and Entities • What’s the topical strength of category pages • What user base are they targeted? Do? Know? Go? Multiple? • Are these pages intended for transactional, information or direct traffic?
  12. 12. Concepts and Entities Overall Makeup vs. “Density”
  13. 13. Analysis Off-Site • • • Who are they? What are they doing? More Importantly, how are you viewed?
  14. 14. Tools: • • • Majestic SEO AnalyticsSEO SEMRush
  15. 15. What are we looking at? • Commonalities • Promotional timelines • Potential link quality
  16. 16. Link Trends • • • • What’s your natural backlink cadence? What’s your competitor’s cadence? Low points in backlink generation High points in backlink generation
  17. 17. Link Trends- Majestic
  18. 18. Anchor Text Distribution The obvious- What are they building for? The not so obvious- How does that tie into the overall topic and theme of the site?
  19. 19. Unless they’re doing major cleanup, the Pre-Penguin trail is there. • What did they find important? • What phrases were their efforts concentrated on? • How are you performing in comparison?
  20. 20. Manual querying- ~
  21. 21. GoRank- Does heavy lifting for you • Full phrases • Drills down to individual words • Helps show relationships between phrases
  22. 22. Link Quality Snapshots- AnalyticsSEO Benefits: • You can potentially see their skeletons & low quality links • You can identify which competitor has the highest “quality” links Drawbacks • Only AC rank for judging quality • Trust scores aren’t integrated • Cross-reference AC Rank with Trust Scores In Majestic
  23. 23. Various Tracking Graphs • Track specific URLs against your competitors that are performing better than you [Majestic] • Track your pages that are struggling to perform for high volume phrases above the fold • Track the drop off of referring domains • Indicator of feed links • Indicator of non-static links • Only momentary value
  24. 24. YOUR JUDGEMENT! What tactics are helping vs. hurting strategy? Use your brains.
  25. 25. I’m approachable, I promise. 