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Rules for effective meetings - seriously....stop wasting time


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Whether you are in an industry led by multi-national firms that require many specialized knowledge workers doing related and dependent tasks to work together to create synergistic value, or if you are a fast-moving, hip start-up, it is necessary for us to have a lot of meetings.

In an average week, I probably spend at least 40% of my time working with between 3-10 people at once, and usually across locations. I am sure you are the same.

As such, having excellent meeting skills can make a huge difference in how well you deliver in your role and we deliver as a firm.

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Rules for effective meetings - seriously....stop wasting time

  2. Which are you? •manager in a multi-national firm requiring many specialized knowledge workers doing related and dependent tasks working together to create synergistic value •fast-moving, hip, start-up entrepreneur
  3. Actually, it doesn’t matter
  4. You’re screwed either way
  5. You’re going to be in lots of meetings
  6. until the end of time.
  7. What does this mean?
  8. Get meeting mojo, or get gone
  9. MEETING MOJO PART 1 Be Engaged
  10. RULE 1 Be clear on the purpose of the meeting and the expectations on you.
  11. RULE 2 Provide feedback on the agenda in advance – topics and participant list
  12. RULE 3 Prepare for the meeting in advance. Read all pre-meeting materials if they have been circulated
  13. PAUSE Because this is key! No prep Prep Minutes spent in prep 0 15 Minutes needed for the meeting 60 30 Total minutes blown per meeting 60 45 Meetings per week 10 10 Time you get back each month if you prep 1 working day Quality of discussion LOW HIGH
  14. RULE 4 Participation is the duty of every member. If you are a deadweight at the meeting, you pull everyone down. Contribute ideas and your expertise.
  15. RULE 5 Actively listen & avoid side conversations. Make sure you understand what others have contributed – ask questions or summarize to confirm understanding
  16. RULE 6 Help the meeting stay on track – don’t get distracted with a side topic
  17. RULE 7 Don’t leave until you understand and agree to actions assigned to you, and complete them in a timely manner
  18. RULE 8 Critically review minutes and suggest amendments if needed
  19. MEETING MOJO PART 2 Be Respectful
  20. RULE 9 Ensure that all members have the opportunity to contribute in the way that they are comfortable contributing. Don’t hog the mic
  21. RULE 10 Be tactful, respectful, and positive
  22. RULE 11 Withhold judgement until all points have been worked through
  23. RULE 12 Arrive on time and stay till the end, longer if needed
  24. RULE 13 If someone is doing this stuff well, acknowledge them (and cc their boss)
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