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26 ways to recognize employees


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Ideas on how to recognize employees who do a good job

Published in: Business
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26 ways to recognize employees

  1. 26 WAYS TO RECOGNIZE STAFF Selena Sol presents….. just a list, nothing more
  2. 1.Send a handwritten thank you note from the CIO or CIO 1-downs or leave a voice mail 2.Rename one meeting room to the recognizee’s name for that month 3.Invite their spouse in for a lunch on the company or send the spouse on the next business trip for free. 4.Allow employee to leave 2-hours early on his child’s birthday 5.Send a card from the CIO or CIO 1 downs to their family, sharing how important the person's contribution to the company has been 6.Assign a reserved parking spot for a day, week, month 7.Give employee an extra vacation day
  3. 8. Identify spare furniture / hardware in stock and allocate to the award winner 9. Prepare a short video montage that celebrates the employee's accomplishments 10.Let them suggest a way they would like to be recognized 11.Buy them tickets to a concert, show or other event 12.Provide them with a formal letter of appreciation for their personal HR file. 13.Create a "day pass" that they can turn in to take any day off, no questions asked 14.If training budget is limited, fund a course of their choice or subscribe to a relevant magazine for the team
  4. 15.Allow them to be flexible with their hours for that month 16.Let them choose one day a week to work from home 17.Get each employee to write something positive about the person on a piece of paper, and give them the box of collected sayings, or frame them for the employee 18.Start a company "Wall of Fame" and add them to it 19.a 1 hour mentoring session with the CIO or CIO 1=downs 20.Project Mentoring - Setup a one time session where they can look to most senior leader for guidance on one of their key projects. 21.Use the CIO’s office for a day breakfast.
  5. 22.Write an article about employee in the next newsletter 23.Hold an official awards ceremony 24.Set up a shout-out board and encourage lots of small thanks every day 25.Hire a limo to drive employee to work for a week, hire a maid , cook, or a yard crew for a week. 26.Give them and their colleagues a catered breakfast.
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