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Exit Planning for Entrepreneurs - Presentation for Angel's Gate


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A deck used to strike up a conversation about Exit Planning at an Angel's Gate Offline Workshop.

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Exit Planning for Entrepreneurs - Presentation for Angel's Gate

  1. EXIT Practical Exit Planning for Entrepreneurs Selena Sol presents…..
  2. why how when
  3. you > this one idea
  4. $100 million on paper is $100 million of the wrong kind of paper
  5. most 49ers wound up dead of pneumonia in a stream bed
  6. Greed
  7. Growth
  8. Exhaustion
  9. Failure
  10. why how when
  11. IPO Trade Sale Zombie Firm Liquidation
  12. IPO’s • Selling a dream means building / buying a dream (and keeping a promise – is it really an ‘exit’?) • 0.25% of companies are public (Of those, how many do you think are rigged?) *
  13. Trade Sales • Shoot for where they will be (but date a bit) • Love the Borg – be easy to assimilate • Don’t focus on the multiplier, focus on the perceived value • There are the quick and there are the dead
  14. Zombie Firm • Zombie firms may seem boring, but they are the economy • Willy Wonka says due diligence & open options are key when selecting successors But maybe he forgot to consider an oompaloompa buy-out option • Sustainability is about the firm, not the people
  15. Liquidation • Bricks and mortar are easily sold to other builders
  16. why how when
  17. exit starts at birth…
  18. know when to fold ‘em…
  19. know the cost of holding ‘em…
  20. Year 0 - 1 Start-up Year 1 - 2 Scale-up Year 2 - 4 Consolidate Year 3 - 5 Exit Plan for exit Build for exit Prep for exit Execute exit
  21. now let’s chat…
  22. SHARE THIS DECK & FOLLOW ME(please-oh-please-oh-please-oh-please) Selena Sol asks….. stay up to date with my future slideshare posts