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Cloud expo the new normal for data centers


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Cloud expo the new normal for data centers

  1. Smart Technology Solutions London ● New York ● Singapore Data Centre Evolution – The challenges we face Cloud Expo Asia, November 2013 Eric Tachibana
  2. Welcome to the New Normal
  3. The New Normal is being driven by mega trends
  4. OLD NEW • Grow, grow, grow • Controlled releases • Availability • Wanted: Geeks • Ownership • Manual Boxes & cables • Agile efficiency • High frequency releases • Sweeping regulation • Wanted: Suits • Partnership • Virtual / automated resources Your hard-earned management wisdom may no longer be so wise
  5. The Supply/Demand Curve will flip with a thud
  6. From availability to agility - time to shed Tiers
  7. Savings are coming…no, no….really…
  8. The regulators mean it
  9. A snapshot on Citihub 9 Information Security & Risk Management Business Platform Infrastructure • Cloud adoption & integration • Data centre • End user compute • Mobility • High performance & latency • Application availability • Systems integration • Business instrumentation • Market data • Market connectivity • Data architecture & mgt Strategy & Market Intelligence Managing Change Business & Service Management • IT strategy • Cost efficiency • Sourcing • Capital markets IT • Niche market intelligence • Assessments: (IT General Controls, Application, Infrastructure, Data Centre) • Data privacy architecture • Cloud security and risk • Regulatory-driven IT compliance • DR & BCP • Penetration testing • Product management • Operating model • Operational excellence • Enterprise tooling • Business capacity management • Portfolio management • Programme management • Shared platform adoption • PMO Example client work: •Cross-asset platform strategy and peer capability benchmarking (global wholesale bank) •FX business strategy (regional investment bank) •Global telecoms outsourcing (tier-1 bank) •Server and storage efficiency strategy (leading investment bank) •Bank-wide General IT Controls service (tier-1 bank) •Information Security policy definition and enterprise security awareness program (top 3 hedge fund) •Bank-wide technology operational risk framework design and implementation (tier- 1 bank) •Data privacy testing program (tier-1 bank) •Bank-wide BCP readiness assessment (global bank) •Process & tooling industrialisation for consolidated production services group (leading global bank) •Product management processes and operating model (tier-1 bank) •Business Capacity Management strategy, framework and tool to address audit points (tier-1bank) •Location strategy definition and execution (tier-1 banks) •Post-merger trade migration for commodities and structured notes businesses (global bank) •Enterprise end-of-life program mobilisation and execution (tier-1bank) •Virtualisation adoption strategy and execution (tier-1 bank)
  10. References 10 • • 14022.html Please note that all content & opinions expressed in this deck are my own and don’t necessarily represent the position of my current, or any previous, employers