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10 Films Every Entrepreneur Must Watch


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This is a list of 9 films that every entrepreneur should watch. Highly recommended for facilitated movie nights for start-up teams to watch and discuss.

10 Films Every Entrepreneur Must Watch

  2. Here are 9 movies for your monthly office movie night If facilitated effectively, these movies will all inspire important discussions that your start-up teams need to have
  3. this courtroom drama is a timeless master-class on decision-making & negotiation 1. TWELVE ANGRY MEN
  4. hidden within is everything you’ll ever need to know about team building, motivation, & leadership 2. THE SEVEN SAMURAI
  5. deeply honest & accurate documentary about what it really means to be a start-up founder (waaaaay more real than The Social Network or Jobs) 3. START-UP.COM
  6. crisis management, pivot tactics, leadership, teamwork, and agile innovation all in one neat package 4. APOLLO 13
  7. the grime, grit, & gusto required to sell, and the impact of entrepreneurship on the family 5. THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS
  8. sadly honest portrayal of the ethical dark side of entrepreneurship 6. THE WOLF OF WALL STREET
  9. IDEO documentary that is mandatory for anyone developing new products to change the world 7. DESIGN & THINKING
  10. a deep & chilling view of capitalism, and the market power of scale and scope 8. THE CORPORATION
  11. sometimes you just need to laugh with your team. it shouldn’t all be so serious 9. SILICON VALLEY (TV SERIES)
  12. After you laugh it out, get all tense and anxious again with this true-life story! 10. JOY
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