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Restaurant Ambience Perfect For the Five Senses


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Dining out can be an expense when there are many other options to get food, such as food delivery services or food subscription deliveries, that take people away from wanting to dine out. Creating an experience that can appeal to all the senses of the customer is a way to draw in and keep customers in. We will identify how restaurant owners can appeal to their customers by using all 5 senses in order to improve the dining experience and boost sales.

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Restaurant Ambience Perfect For the Five Senses

  1. 1. Creating an unforgettable dining experience involves more than just great tasting food. Diners expect to be impressed through all five senses — this is how to do it. SIGHT • Use lighting appropriate to the mood you want to create. • Avoid clutter, as it causes confusion and anxiety with patrons. • Clean and dust all surfaces daily. • Create signage and menus that reflect your brand. • Offer a patio with beautiful landscaping and fencing. RESTAURANT AMBIENCE PERFECT FOR SOUND • Quiet dining works for romantic settings and older age groups. • A loud dining area works for younger patrons and a party atmosphere. • Sounds from the kitchen — sizzles, clatters and clangs — can be quite appealing. • Music or TV, if used, must be appropriate in style and volume. • Eliminate harsh or annoying sounds, such as blenders and employee chatter. SMELL • Pull air into the kitchen so patrons are not overwhelmed by cooking smells. • The smell of freshly baked bread or pastries is universally appealing. • Make sure cleaning solutions have pleasant odors and do not overpower patrons. • Avoid clashing scents, such as flowery deodorizers and flame-grilled burgers. • Washrooms must continually be checked, cleaned and deodorized. TASTE • Adding seasonal foods and drinks to the menu is sure to be well-received. • Offer mild, mildly spicy and very spicy menu options. • Roasting vegetables enhances flavor and patron satisfaction. • Don’t cut corners on quality for coffee, tea, wine and other beverages. • Serve all food quickly and at the ideal temperature. TOUCH • Fine china and casual dining do not mix — patrons can’t relax. • Silverware should be substantial, never flimsy. • Sticky floors and tables are a major turnoff. • Keep the dining area at a pleasant, cool temperature. • Serve cold food on cold plates, hot food on hot plates. Five Sensesthe 78% OF MILLENNIALS SAY they would rather spend money on a desirable experience or event over buying something desirable, and 55% OF MILLENNIALS SAY they they’re spending more on events and live experiences than ever before. Source: